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Transparent Behavioural Targeting Boosts Ad Effectiveness by 17% [Study]


A simple caption can boost advertising effectiveness by 17% as measured by effect on purchase intention. New Ohio State University research published last week in the Journal of Consumer Research (open pre-publication access) by Christopher Summers and colleagues reports that captioning an ad with the words that the ad “targeted specifically to you based on your online...

10 Positive Design Interventions to Boost Customer Happiness


Here are 10 simple design interventions to promote customer happiness. They are based on a mashup of design-thinking and positive psychology (the science and practice of improving happiness and wellbeing) and inspired by the fabulous work of Pieter Desmet and colleagues at the Delft Institute of Positive Design.   We call this mashup POSITIVE DESIGN, and we believe ‘positive design’...

A Triptych of Digital Opportunity – ConvenienceTech, EgoTech and ViceTech


So #ViceTech is now a thing. Great TechCrunch news article just out on technology put to the service of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.  Think hook-up apps like Tinder, on-demand marijuana delivery, or the myriad of music apps. And, of course, all reported by Vice media. With #ViceTech, we have a powerful triptych of digital opportunity. Readers of DiT will know that along with the role...

Lululemon and 35 Ways to Make Customers Happy


How do you make customers happy?  Lululemon’s latest answer is inspiring – take 35 top insights from ‘positive psychology‘ – essentially the psychology of happiness, and bake them into your brand.  How do you do that?  Design products, services and campaigns that don’t simply solve people’s problems, but focus on what makes people happy.  Welcome to...

The Empathic Pitch – The Client Empathy Map (Template Download)


What does it feel like to be the client? Here’s a new design thinking tool that we’ve designed for agencies and consultants to help you design a pitch that sells: The Client Empathy Map. Client Empathy Map (PDF template) The Client Empathy Map is designed to help build your capacity to feel and experience the brief from the perspective of your client, and thereby help you...

How to Spread Digital Happiness – Insights from Positive Psychology


Big Picture. How do we use digital technology to help make people happy? We can use ‘PPIs’ – positive psychology interventions – that are clinically proven to promote happiness and wellbeing (positive psychologists research the psychology of  happiness and wellbeing). So here are three PPIs – ‘positive psychology interventions’ – that we can...

The Future of Digital Advertising – Uberfy or Die [Presentation Download]


Here’s a vision for the future of digital advertising that I presented yesterday at IAB Engage in London with SYZYGY Group’s media unit, Unique Digital. With 1000+ delegates, the theme of IAB’s signature event was how to move digital advertising to ‘higher ground’ (and out of the cheap seats of commoditised products). The downloadable deck makes the case that no...

Wearable Tech and the Psychology of Fashion [Study]


Today, the Apple Watch Hermès collection goes on sale, marking a new foray of tech into luxury fashion. A purchase will set you back a minimum of $1,150 (US) depending on which Hermès leather band you choose. So, can tech win in or with fashion? It’s an open question, but to do so, tech companies will need to understand the basic psychology of fashion.  Fortunately, a recent study has been...

How marketers use 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions


It’s rare that psychology goes viral, but here’s a latest infographic from Business Insider that has done just that:  ‘20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions‘ (thanks to Dr Carolyn Mair of the London College of Fashion for catching it). The infographic provides a simple introductory summary to our apparent irrationality in love, life and shopping. So here’s...

The Three Outcomes that Drive Customer Happiness [Study]


Forget ‘customer satisfaction’, what matters is ‘life satisfaction’. Here’s a great study in the latest edition of the wonderfully titled academic ‘Journal of Happiness & Well-Being‘ that can help you understand and deliver customer happiness. The key takeout for marketers is customer happiness is not about satisfaction with a product or brand...

What is Brand Personality? ‘Trait Tattoos’ and New Insights from Behavioural Economics

Trait Tattoo

There’s a rather brilliant presentation and transcript for marketers interested in behavioural economics over at Evolving Economics by Jason Collins (Australia’s answer to Rory Sutherland). Jason presented “Please, not another bias! An evolutionary take on behavioural economics” at last week’s Marketing Science Ideas Exchange conference in Sydney, and covered the...

She’s hot! Use Sensory Metaphors for Brand Memorability [Study]


Digital marketing has a bright future with a sharp increase in effectiveness if we harness sensory metaphors (bright future, sharp increase) in our work. A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that sensory metaphors are more memorable and more successful (in terms of popularity) than non-sensory metaphors (open access draft). The logic is that our five...

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