Is the shiny-new-toy polish of Pinterest beginning to wear off?

Zappos Labs has looked at the sales value of customers sharing orders in social media.

First, no surprises on sharing volume, customers are far more likely to share on Pinterest than on Twitter (13x) or Facebook (8x).

Great news for engagement junkies.

But, if it’s business value you’re after, the Zappos Labs team report that a shared order on Pinterest only generates .75c in new sales for Zappos.  Compare this to Facebook $2.08 – making a Facebook share nearly three times as valuable as a Pin.  But the big surprise (to some) may be that an order shared on Twitter generates massive $33.66 in sales for Zappos.

So a Tweet is worth 45x a Pin.  Now you know.

If it wasn’t for Zappos Labs teams engaging in discussions online about the finding – and not correcting this – we’d have suspected that the decimal point had a blonde moment and lurched to the right.

But if we take the results at face value, and factor in more Pinterest shares than Pins (13x) – a tweet is still 3x more valuable than a Pin…

Nevertheless Zappos has launched a groovy new web app called pinpointing that allows people to get Zappos recommendations based on a Pinterest user’s pins.