A big welcome to Paul Chaney, who is joining Social Commerce Today from today as an Associate Editor.

Paul has been covering the practical aspects of social commerce over at Practical Ecommerce since 2009 and is a recognised authority in the field.

In addition to his continuing SME focus over at Practical Ecommerce, Paul will be ‘taking his talents to Miami’ here at Social Commerce Today, covering leading brands and retailers harnessing opportunities in the social commerce space. In addition to covering breaking news, Paul will be offering best-practice social commerce insights and advice from the world of big retail.

As a frequently requested topic on SCT, Paul will begin this month by providing a series of overviews of the top social commerce vendors and platforms – what they are, what they offer, and how much they cost. We’ll be using these overviews to kick-start the launch of our forthcoming social commerce industry directory.

Welcome Paul!

About Paul Chaney

Paul Chaney is a writer, consultant and speaker on digital marketing and social media. He is social media director at Practical Ecommerce, and author of The Digital Handshake: Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media, published by John Wiley & Sons.  He blogs at The Social Media Handyman, and is Associate Editor at Social Commerce Today.

Paul can be reached via our contact form here.