Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Facebook Marketing Report 2009 / Best & Worst

The Inside Facebook team have published an interesting report “Best & Worst Facebook Marketing 2009”. They’ve rated recent attempts by consumer brands such as Adidas and CocaCola to market themselves

How Much is a Friend Worth? : 15c

Interesting article “Friends for Sale” in the Economist this week touching on Social Commerce (archived below). The article leads with headline that Dell has generated $3m in sales from micro-blogging

Defining Social Media

It’s no wonder that so many businesses still don’t “get” social media – just check out the wikipedia definition. It’s a definitional dog’s dinner that reads like a bad voodoo

McKinsey Report on Benefits of Social Web

Consulting firm McKinsey have released their 2009 annual survey on how businesses are deriving value from Web 2.0 technology. The report can be downloaded here. Based on the responses of

New Research / Sellers Unite

An interesting finding by Columbia researchers Andrew T. Stephen and Olivier Toubia, who have looked at whether it makes commercial sense for online sellers to link to each others’ stores.

Dell Swarming in Canada

On the heels of Singapore success, Dell are rolling out their ‘Group Buy’ (collaborative purchasing) social shopping experiment Dell Swarm in Canada – and extending it with some smart features.

Social Commerce / Steve Rubel's Original 2005 Article

Technology blogger Steve Rubel helped put social commerce on the map at the end of 2005 with a post on his popular micropersuasion blog in which he highlighted social commerce

Social Commerce / Dave Beisel’s Original 2005 Article

Venture capitalist David Beisel is credited with coining the term “social commerce” in 2005 in a blog post describing the trend of e-commerce sites publishing user-generated advertorial content – user