Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Social Media Metrics / If You Can't Measure the Impact, Don't Measure It

Interesting post by Jim Sterne over at NetImperative on measuring social media. In a nutshell, Jim proposes 5 practical ways to measure social media… Reach (Theoretical – audience linked to

Top 10 Social Media Checklist for Online Retailers

Useful presentation (that appears to have been “liberated’ and posted to Scribd) on practical and proven solutions for online retailers to get value (awareness, reputation, traffic or sales) out of social media

PowerReviews Express / Mainstreaming of Social Commerce?

From $35 a month, PowerReviews is offering an Express version of it’s social commerce solution. Like its big brother PowerReview Express works as a ‘decision accelerator’ for shoppers on e-commerce

Mjedi / Facebook Shopping Advice & Sale Alerts

Mjedi, a Seattle based social commerce startup has been picked as a finalist at the CTIA Fund Fest this week. Interesting app, you SMS the barcode of an item in a

Twangü / GroupBuy App on Facebook

Twangü, derived from the Chinese word “tuangou” for team buying, is a GroupBuy social commerce app on Facebook that allows people to shop as a team (and get discounts from

Second Porch / Social Commerce Opportunity for Travel Sector?

Interesting social commerce app on Facebook called “Second Porch” that does vacation rentals – lets you find people in your extended social network to rent a vacation home from –

KangoGift / Mobile Gifting

So it’s a new spin on social commerce, KangoGift from Cambridge (MA) has just launched a mobile gifting service… Buy a gift online, add the recipients mobile number – and

Coremetrics White Paper on Social Media Analytics

Whitepaper from the leading web metrics agency Coremetrics on social media analytics/metrics. In summary: Social Media Marketing: A growing share of a growing market (share of interactive marketing spend to

OgilvyOne on Social CRM (sCRM)

Social CRM (sCRM) has been gaining traction recently, combining social media tools with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs as a solution to better drive customer and business value. And now

Bazaarvoice Do George Michael / Better than Brochureware

Brilliant viral (below) – Bazaarvoice do George Michael. You’ve gotta love the guys at this social commerce outfit. Bazaarvoice walk the social talk to promote themselves and their social commerce

McKinsey on Marketing on the Social Web

An interesting article in the McKinsey Quarterly on Marketing in Web 2.0 (social web). Bottom line, the social web is a SEO tool to drive traffic to your website (good

Social Megaphone / Reviews go Viral?

Nice post from Olivia Hayes over at Ignite Social Media, musing on the potential for PowerReview‘s soon-to-be-launched social commerce tool called BrandConnect- a white label customer reviews tool that allows