Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Plurchase / Augmented Reality for Online Shoppers

Shopping can be a very social activity; in fact it’s the favorite social activity for teens.  So why does social shopping (co-browsing, wishlists, group-buying…) online have such a chequered history? Remember goes social commerce

The ants are back! In 2001, a sucessful shopping platform, had to declare bankruptcy spectacularly. Now it is back with a new business concept: a mixture of social shopping

Private Shopping Clubs / Jewels in the Social Commerce Crown?

So I’ve been reviewing the social commerce landscape for the last month – customer reviews, deal feeds, shopping widgets, social shopping…  But there is one social commerce application I’ve yet

Woot Should Become a Review Store

I’m enjoying Woot, the popular Group Buy social commerce store – with a bit of attitude.  Woot sells one just product a day at a deep discount – and lets

What is Social Shopping? Nice Video from Fluid Social

Nice video introduction to social shopping from Fluid, promoting their slick “Fluid Social” social shopping (aka co-browsing) tool that works with Facebook Connect and does what Fluid are calling “Friend-Based

Adidas Goes Groupon

Nice new Groupon (group coupon) app from Adidas at FreeStripes. Simpler than Dell’s Swarm Groupon/Group Buy app and all the better for it. Share your coupon with 5 people and get

Wall Street Journal on Social Commerce

Article (archived below) from Wall Street Journal about social shopping tools that use Facebook Connect to allow shoppers to shop together online. Mentions TurnTo and Fluid’s Fluid Social as two

More FT Coverage of Social Commerce

Another recent article in the Financial Times on social commerce (archived below for reference), talking about the rise Facebook storefronts and twitter deal feeds.  The article reports that Alvenda will

Three Cheers for Vuitton Fashion Show on Facebook

Pierre Raiman over at the Sherpad social commerce blog has posted an article on Vuitton’s choice of Facebook for streaming it’s fashion show – resulting in a big bump in

Viral Facebook Stores / Newsfeed Stores in Facebook

Interesting article (archived below) from AdAge on the ongoing evolution of Facebook from social networking platform to social commerce platform. Right now, if brands want to sell on Facebook, they

Review Waves / A Killer Social Commerce App on Google Wave?

Google Wave, incase you’ve been on another planet, is the next generation email service from Google – a new personal communication and collaboration tool that fuses email, instant messaging and

Social Commerce Live Stats?

You may have seen Gary Haye’s live “Social Media Count” widget (below) that counts posts, blogs, uploads made since you access a page.  Really makes social media come aLive… Might