Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Uberfy or Get Uberfied! The Psychology of Digital Disruption

Every marketer should take a long hard look at what Uber is doing to the legacy taxi industry. Why? Because Uber teaches marketers is that digital disruption is not really about technology

Neuroscientists Find Formula for Customer Happiness (It’s all about Expectations)

Here’s what happiness looks like to a neuroscientist; The happiness formula has just been published by neuroscientists at University College London in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) (full

Social Risk: Why Word of Mouth Doesn’t Work in Social Media

An interesting study, “Why recommend a brand face-to-face but not on Facebook?” has just been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, looking at differences between word of mouth recommendations in

CRESS: The Psychology of First (Brand) Impressions

First impressions matter – so what if you’re about to launch a new brand or product – how do you create that all-important first impression? Well, the short answer from

How to Help Consumers “Value Maximise” in Supermarkets (new app idea)

We all want the best quality bang for our buck – it’s what consumer psychologists call “value maximisation“.  Value maximisation is arguably the most important, and most central concept to understanding

Top Innovations in Content Marketing [Presentation Download]

What do top fashion models – Gisele Bündchen, Candice Swanepoel, along with Naomi Watts and virtual icon Hatsune Miku have to do with content marketing?  Everything. Here’s a short deck

Facebook’s Secret Experiment To Control Your Mood [Full Study Download]

Have you just been an unknowing subject in a massive psychological experiment run by Facebook on mass mood-control? Facebook is feeling the heat after revealing that it enrolled 689,003 Facebook

Truth, Lies and Product Descriptions – The Power of Association [Study]

More evidence about the power of association (vs. persuasion) in marketing. A new online study by the University of Houston has found that simply adding buzzwords associated with an attractive benefit

The ‘3 Seekers’ of Gen C – Entertainment, Connection and Information [Google Research]

Google has just published a report segmenting ‘Gen C’ (connected consumers) into three ‘seeker’ profiles based on their primary motivation for going online Entertainment seekers Connection seekers Information seekers Logically enough, Google suggests

The Kayak Effect: Why Making Customers Wait Drives Satisfaction

The longer you make people wait with an app or a site, the less satisfied they become, right? Not always. There is a curious effect – the Kayak Effect –

Selfie Psychology – ‘Wearable Tech’ for our Digital Fashion Wardrobe (Video)

There are a lot of theories about the rise of the selfie – a healthy celebration of an empowered self, or dysfunctional ‘self-image masturbation’ for an insecure psyche. But perhaps the best way

The Psychology of Colour and Digital Marketing

One of the most popular articles on the web this week on marketing psychology is The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding. The article bust some of the myths and