Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Psych Eye for the Sponsorship Guy [Download]

Here’s a short downloadable primer on how sponsorship works from a psychological perspective, using examples from Adidas, Nike, P&G, The North Face, Intel and Coca-Cola – with four strategic implications

The Psychology of Sponsorship – 7 Content Marketing Opportunities

Sponsorship, the acquisition of rights to affiliate or directly associate with a product, person, organisation, venue, cause, team, league or event, is a rising star in the marketing mix, worth $51BN+

Psych Eye for the Social Media Guy [Download]

Here’s a short downloadable refresher on need-to-know psychology for social media professionals that I’ve put together for my new advanced class on social media at ISOC. It contains examples from Adobe, ALS,

10 Digital Insights from 10 Most Controversial Psychology Experiments

Time for a quick ethical-bypass? From Minority Report ‘pre-cogs’ to recovered memories, the BPS (British Psychological Society) has just published a wondrous list of the ten most controversial psychology experiments ever published.

30 More Psychological Nudges to Get People to Buy from ‘The small BIG’ (speed summary)

Here are the remaining 30 psychological nudges that will help you sell smarter from  ‘The small BIG – Small Changes that Spark Big Influence’, the new book on marketing persuasion

The Small BIG (speed summary) – 20 Psychological Nudges to get People to Buy

Here are 20 psychological nudges to get people to buy from ‘The small BIG – Small Changes that Spark Big Influence’, the new book on marketing persuasion by Persuasion Science

Psych Eye for the Innovation Guy [Download]

Digital innovation is not just about technology, it’s about the people who use it. Understanding why people do the things the do is what psychology is all about, and so

Apple Watch Confirms “Convenience Tech” as the Next Big Thing [Images]

So the new black in digital is ‘convenience tech‘, and the new Apple Watch is looking to become a poster-child in convenience tech for today’s ‘convenience economy’. It’s far more convenient to

The Uberfication of Retail: Thomas Pink 90 Minute Shirt Delivery

Whilst Uber, the disruptive on-demand mobile taxi service, gets bounced from court to court in Germany – today it’s been banned again, before undoubtedly being unbanned, again – the rest

Display Value – Brand Psychology and Conspicuous Consumption [download]

Here’s a short deck for brands looking to learn from The Ice Bucket Challenge – a form of ‘conspicuous compassion‘ – that like conspicuous consumption is all about ‘impression management’ – how

Impression Management – The Psychology of the Viral Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay, so why has the charity Ice Bucket Challenge* become the viral sensation of Summer 2014, recruiting over 20 million views and a million participants including celebrity pop, screen and sports

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory of Uber-inspired Businesses

Uber, the on-demand ‘driver for hire’ mobile service (ODMS) has become the poster-child for digital disruption and ‘convenience tech’. Uber, bank rolled by Google, is disrupting (destroying) traditional taxi services by delivering more