Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Uber – 41 Lessons from a $40bn Phenomenon [Wired Speed Summary]

Here’s a speed summary of the cover story of the June 2015 edition of Wired Magazine offering 40 lessons from big industry leaders – including Richard Branson, Clayton Christensen, and Rachel Botsman – on what businesses can

The ‘Unicorn 100’ Top 100 $1bn+ Startups 2015 (List and Characteristics)

What does a Unicorn look like in 2015? Below you’ll find the ‘Unicorn 100’ – a new list now over 100 ‘Unicorns’ have been spotted in the wild –  privately

Ubernomics – Harsh Economic Lessons from Uber-for-X #Fails

Why do Uber-for-X businesses fail?  Here’s a summary of the top reasons for failure identified by Juggernaut, a platform and consultancy for Uber-for-X businesses. Beyond Juggernaut’s top reasons for failure, it’s

The ARC of Happiness: What marketers can learn from the 2015 World Happiness Report

You’ve probably seen the results. Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada are the happiest nations on Earth (Syria, Burundi and Togo are the least happy). The 2015 World Happiness Report is out, ranking

Uber chairman reveals ‘Operator’ – Siri for Shopping [screenshots]

Uber co-founder and chairman Garrett Camp has revealed his Next Big Thing, an Uber-for-stuff ‘request network’ that works like a Siri for shopping. Operator is a software-with-a-service app, like the experimental Magic service, that connects

The ‘Afterglow’ and How to Make Customers Happy

So Hollywood actress Bo Derek was right but for the wrong reasons. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”– Bo Derek Could it be where you

Amazon launches Uber for Groceries and Uber for Home Services [Screenshots]

Another land grab in ‘Now Economy’ and the world of ‘convenience tech’, on-demand tech designed to save you hassle, time and effort. This week Amazon is launching two ‘Uber for

The Backfire Effect – When Marketing Persuasion Backfires

Marketing campaigns and sales pitches designed to persuade can result in a 39% drop in intent to do business with you. That’s the finding of a new study in the medical journal

Nomophobia (Smartphone Dependency) Diagnostic Test – Marketing Opportunities

Would you feel lost or uncomfortable without your smartphone? Then you may be suffering from nomophobia – fear of being without your mobile phone (no mobile phobia). You can self-diagnose yourself for the psychological

‘Brand Authenticity’ Definition and Measurement Scale [Study]

Does ‘brand authenticity’ matter to you? Is your brand – either the one you buy or work for – an authentic brand? And what the heck is ‘brand authenticity’ anyway?

Titles, Taglines and Captions – When Questions Sell [Study]

‘Apple Watch – the watch for you?’ vs. ‘Apple Watch – the watch for you’. Which makes for more persuasive marketing copy – whether as a title selling an article, or

How to use #thedress to increase marketing effectiveness [Study]

Whether you are white and gold or blue and black, a new psychological study in Cognition, the International Journal of Cognitive Science,  shows that showing you perceptual illusions similar to #thedress increases your openness