Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

How marketers use 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

It’s rare that psychology goes viral, but here’s a latest infographic from Business Insider that has done just that:  ‘20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions‘ (thanks to Dr Carolyn Mair of

The Three Outcomes that Drive Customer Happiness [Study]

Forget ‘customer satisfaction’, what matters is ‘life satisfaction’. Here’s a great study in the latest edition of the wonderfully titled academic ‘Journal of Happiness & Well-Being‘ that can help you understand and deliver

The 10 Business Models of Digital Disruption (and how to respond to them)

Disrupt or be disrupted. That’s today’s digital mantra. But how do you disrupt? Or how do you respond if you are being disrupted? Here are 10 business models behind digital disruption,

Trait Tattoo

What is Brand Personality? ‘Trait Tattoos’ and New Insights from Behavioural Economics

There’s a rather brilliant presentation and transcript for marketers interested in behavioural economics over at Evolving Economics by Jason Collins (Australia’s answer to Rory Sutherland). Jason presented “Please, not another bias! An evolutionary

The 10 Principles of Great Experience Design [Speed Summary]

Here’s a speed summary of Matt Watkinson’s new FT book on experience design that’s getting rave reviews – including from Rory Sutherland: The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experience. For digital designers, the 10

She’s hot! Use Sensory Metaphors for Brand Memorability [Study]

Digital marketing has a bright future with a sharp increase in effectiveness if we harness sensory metaphors (bright future, sharp increase) in our work. A new study published in the Journal of Personality

Brand Love. What is it? [New Study]

“I love that brand!” It’s the holy grail of marketers, but what actually is ‘brand love’? Brand love is very different to human love finds a new study out this month in Psychology

Do you skip YouTube ads? Why clash with Google/WPP doesn’t matter says you do. The ad industry says you don’t. Skip YouTube ads, that is, when you’re prompted to do so after seeing the first five seconds of a YouTube ad

Avinash Kaushik, intent marketing and the 4 timezones of right-time marketing

Last week I had the pleasure to present alongside the wonderful Avinash Kaushik (@avinash), a fellow fan of utility marketing (less shouting, more helping) and fellow detractor of ‘engagement’ (“engagement is not

The Digital Marshmallow Test – Marketing Insights for Generation Now

Your smartphone is a digital marshmallow. And you can use your digital marshmallow to run an adult variant of the famous “marshmallow test” – the psychological test of self-control for children that can

How to Influence Consumers While They Sleep [Study]

A new study published by NorthWestern University has demonstrated how brands could potentially influence sleeping consumers subliminally by exposing them to sounds – and perhaps vibrations from a wearable – paired with a

New 2015 List of Top 100 most Valuable Brands [WPP Report Summary]

How much is a label worth?  Not the product, just the label. If the label we’re talking about happens to be Apple, then that label – the most valuable label on