Tom Crampton, Asia-Pacific director of 360 Digital Influence for Ogilvy, has started putting together what could become a very useful infographic that benchmarks major Facebook e-commerce software solutions.  It’s a useful companion to the vendor list over at MetaLinQ, and our latest 2011 guide to f-commerce for consumer brands. Tom is crowdsourcing corrections and additions, but here’s his very preliminary draft.  Beware, there are some errors in this first draft – for example, 8thbridge runs ‘off-Facebook’ portable stores too (that can be embedded into ad units/web sites) as well as on-Facebook stores – and does not work exclusively on a revenue share model.

So right now – use Tom’s draft more as a useful guide for questions to ask vendors, rather than as a source of ultimate f-commerce truth.

A few suggestions…

  • First, the infographic might benefit from and explicit and specific focus on f-commerce apps that allow people to complete transactions without leaving Facebook – there are many other storefront solutions that drive traffic to e-commerce sites outside of Facebook.  Useful but a very different proposition.
  • Second, add some other innovative and or major players such as Resource Interactive (P&G stores), TabJuice (groovy customisation), Dotbox (Snoop Dogg store) to 8thBridge, Milyoni, Moontoast, Payvment, ShopIgniter (who have just teamed up with Vitrue), and Usablenet (and Zibaba and NorthSocial should their software support on-Facebook transactions).
  • Third, rethink the benchmarking categories – this is tough, as the list is long – and different brands will have different priorities – but we’d include these as the key categories for benchmarking.
    • Pricing Model
    • Target Market
    • Popularity (# Live Stores)
    • Showcase Clients
    • Self-Serve Option?
    • Storefront Options (Tab/Newsfeed/Ad Units)?
    • Support Digital Downloads/Streaming?
    • Subscriptions?
    • Payment/Checkout Options
    • Facebook Credits?
    • Storefront Portability (Embeddable outside Facebook)?
    • Storefront Personalisation (‘Friends Store’ – Open Graph)?
    • Social Actions (Share/Send/Like/Comment)?
    • Social Promotions (Group-Buy/Customer-Get-Customer?)
    • Coupons/Gift Certificates?
    • Integrated Analytics?
    • E-Commerce Site Integration?
    • Search as you Type?
    • Shipment Tracking?

All that makes for a big infographic for Tom, but it would be v. useful for comparing the market leaders (and there are yet more features you might consider when comparing software…)

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Thoughts? What for you are the key features of an integrated f-commerce solution?

And here’s the link for our 2011 guide to f-commerce for consumer brands.