Here’s a great – but depressing –ColumnFive infographic from social marketing platform Wildfire on social media ROI.  The data is taken from a November 2011 global survey of marketers.

Points of note:

  • Number of marketers using ROI to measure social media ((gain – cost)/cost) = 0
  • Proportion using alternative measure of # social interactions generated (likes, comments etc) = 38%
  • Proportion using alternative measure of revenue generated = 24%
  • Proportion using alternative measure of awareness generated = 15%
  • The top benefits of social media according to marketers are increased brand awareness (88%), brand ‘engagement’ (dialogue)(85%), increased sales (and partnerships) (58%), and reduce costs (41%)
  • Nearly 70% of marketers believe fans are more valuable than non-fans (they bring in new customers, they convert better, they buy more often)

Odd that not one marketer in 700 makes the business case (ROI) for social media…