More on Coke’s Real Life Like Machine

Several months ago, we reported that Coca-cola was deploying real life Facebook like machines as an event marketing tool, in a similar way to the current trend for car manufacturers at car shows (see Hyundai and Renault videos below).

Whilst real life likes are marketing tool rather than tools for commerce per se, we think this technology could have a profitable future in retail environments, possibly through likify type technology that creates QR codes that can be read by mobile handsets as Facebook likes.

Anyhow here’s the skinny (and a rather cheesy promo video) – including results – from the agency that put together the Coke campaign, taken from the wondrous Facebook-studio, the gallery of creative Facebook marketing campaigns.

Coca-Cola’s “LIKE” Machine

Every summer, Coca-Cola Israel brings 10,000 youths to an exceptionally unique village, creating an unforgettable summer vacation for them. 3 days of sun, fun and parties. This year the concept of the village was “The Digital Village” and on the web, we brought all the interaction to the Coca-Cola Facebook page.

Our challenge was to raise full awareness of the village, while allowing those at home to be part of the experience. The strategy was to have them share the fun and spread the word. So we brought Facebook into real life. We invented the real life Like Machine. In every zone in the village, we put “Like Points”. If a village guest loved it, he/she attached the Like Bracelet he/she got when he/she entered the village, and it automatically shared on their Facebook Wall. In addition, a Like Point attached on to a photographer, allowing pictures to be automatically uploaded to the Coca-Cola Facebook Page with the user already tagged in it.

Campaign Performance

More then 54,000 likes to the Coca-Cola Village Facebook page – the most-liked fan page in Israel, hundreds of thousands of likes to the real life sites, and millions of interactions on Facebook.

Campaign Info

  • Client: Coca-Cola
  • Brand: Coca-Cola
  • Agency: Publicis E-Dologic, Ramat Gan
  • Target: Israel · Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Category: Beverage
  • Objectives: Awareness, Preference, Direct Response
  • Media: OOH
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