Last week’s Financial Times article on how Facebook’s Like button is becoming e-commerce’s new best buddy contains a number of factoids and figures for the data minded:

  • The beauty of the Like button is that it allows people to casually signal affinity for a brand, product or broadcast, syndicating that casual Like back through their social networks
  • Over 350,000 sites have already installed the Facebook like button
  • IMDB has seen traffic from Facebook doubling since implementing the Like button social plugin
  • The ABC news site has seen traffic from Facebook up 250% since installing the button
  • Tea Collection, the e-commerce site for kid’s clothes uses the Like button to let users vote on which items get selected for promotional sales. Traffic rose 300%, and sales multiplied 10x when the most voted for items (receiving 30K votes) went on sale
  • The Facebook Like button allows e-commerce sites to do demand generation (in addition to demand fulfillment) by syndicating likes out to users’ social networks
  • The comparison shopping site uses the Like button to refine searches based on what a users has ‘Liked’ across the Net
  • Ultimately the Like button may come to challenge Google’s search algorithm, creating a crowdsourced map of the Internet based on sentiment-links.