List of Notable Social Commerce Events in 2012; 6 Opportunities for 2013…

What are the opportunities in social commerce – the integration of e-commerce and social media – for 2013?  Beyond the straightforward addition of social features to e-commerce sites, and e-commerce features to social sites, a look back at notable social commerce events in 2012 (below) reveals six trends and opportunities for 2013.

Which horse would you back – or do you have a different horse?

  1. Social commerce services as Discovery Engines (contra- search engines) helping people discover new products (e.g. Pinterest, Payvment, Fab) – is there an opportunity in 2013 for a Google-style Discovery Engine?
  2. Shoppable Videos; with YouTube’s new shoppable video service – there’s an opportunity for new generation of video seeding services that link video content to stores
  3. Social Samplingwith Unilever, Kellogg’s and other giants running free-for-a-social-share product sampling on social sites and in-store, is there an opportunity for a turnkey social sampling service – a creative spin on GlossyBox/Birchbox perhaps?
  4. Group Buying re-imagined; Groupon didn’t crack it – is there an opportunity to go back to Tuangou roots of group-buying, for a demand-led group buying service?
  5. Social POS – traditional retailers are enhancing the retail experience with retail apps with social features (augmented reality reviews, ratings, recommendations)
  6. Social Commerce as direct response Event Marketing – social media is a word of mouth environment and people talk about events; opportunity for a new generation of e-commerce enabled event marketing service

List of Notable Social Commerce Events in 2012


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