The social@ogilvy team have posted (embedded below) an update to their original benchmarking of f-commerce (Facebook commerce) solution providers (8thBridge, Adregate Markets, Milyoni, Moontoast, NorthSocial, Payvment, ShopIgniter, Usablenet, Zibaba) as part of a more general primer on f-commerce.

In the primer (embedded below) we really like Ogilvy’s focus on the need for fan-store exclusivity, and even the proposed use of ‘like-gating’ (access contingent on Liking) to separate the fickle from fans.  We’d have preferred a focus on metrics other than counting fans/interactions/impressions (specifically – counting dollars (sales, customer value and ROI) and advocacy), but check it out – and let us know what you think.

Speed Summary

  • Global e-commerce is set to grow to $963 bn (19.4% p/a growth) in 2013
  • By 2013 the largest regional e-commerce market will be Asia ($323 bn vs $235 bn, vs Europe $283 bn)
  • The Web will be involved in 53% of total retail sales by 2014
  • Currently e-commerce on social networks is small – 27% of consumers ready to buy physical goods on social networks
  • F-Commerce means selling goods of services using Facebook
  • The 5 Benefits of F-Commerce: Customer Insight, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Customer Advocacy, Facebook ROI
  • Two types of F-Commerce – “On Facebook” (F-Stores, Facebook Credits, Facebook Deals), and “With Facebook” (Facebook Ads, Custom Apps, Facebook Places)
  • F-Commerce Strategic Framework
    • Discoverable:  Brand pages must be easy to find and also integrated with other brand digital assets (e.g. social plug-ins on website)
    • Exclusive:  Brands should keep exclusive content/ value behind fangate, Visitors must first like the brand page before seeing its content
    • Engaging: Using a content calendar, brands should encourage 2 way conversations to maximize organic word of mouth on Facebook – Word of mouth generated by engagement will spread content out to the friends-of-friends circle for better discovery and exposure
  • Facebook Measurement Model
    • Reach: #fans, #mentions of walls, #news updates * fans, #ad impressions
    • Engagement: #discussion topics, #wall posts on brand page #/tone reviews posted, #video views
    • Action: Click through rates for advertisements, #contest entries, #apps downloaded, #offline actions driven by coupons or special offers, web traffic generated