Want to convince yourself, your boss or your client about f-commerce, selling with Facebook?  Show them this image – its a logo-mosaic of big retail brands already selling with Facebook.  It’s persuasion by example, numbers and notoriety.

You can download a PPT and Keynote version here to edit, ruminate upon, stick on a wall or embed in a pitch.

We’ll do another for consumer brands (as opposed to retailers) soon and share that too (we’re using these images in an upcoming whitepaper on future trends in f-commerce).

Of course, just because everybody else is doing f-commerce, doesn’t mean that you, your boss or your clients should give f-commerce a whirl too.  Perhaps these retail brands are all mad and delusional.

But sometimes, just sometimes, taking the cue from industry leaders can be a smart way forward.

click for larger version – or download the image as PPT/Keynote