F-Commerce Finds its Groove with Oscar de la Renta (screenshots)

So how do you sell on Facebook?  Well if you’re in the beauty industry, a simple two-step formula is emerging.  First, run a Facebook sampling campaign at launch, and then sell exclusive fan-editions via a pop-up fan-store.  Step one activates fan advocacy, step two boosts and converts the advocacy.

f-commerce formula = Facebook Fan-Sampling + Facebook Pop-Up Fan Store

This emerging ‘one-two’ of Facebook fan commerce has been perfectly executed by fashion brand Oscar de la Renta with its latest fragrance Esprit d’Oscar.  Back in April, the brand wooed fans with a Facebook sampling campaign, and has just followed up with a advocacy-activating pop-up fan-store selling an exclusive fan-edition – a $65 perfume ring featured on the fashion show runway – encasing a solid concentration of the new fragrance.

Fans can buy and complete transactions directly on the Facebook wall via an 8thBridge viral (shareable) e-commerce wall app, or visit the pop-up fan-store – also from 8thBridge – on a tab on the brand’s Facebook page that lies behind a like-gate. Burberry is running a similar ‘1-2’ sampling-then-pop-up fan-store campaign for its Burberry Body fragrance, but missing the smart trick of offering a special fan-edition, selling only the regular edition (extra points though, for making its fan-store international; unlike Oscar de la Renta).

Just as luxury fashion houses have long sold to the masses through fragrances costing just a fraction of their fashion lines, it’s a natural step to continue the model by selling these fragrances where the masses meet, on Facebook.  Oscar de la Renta is looking to offer regular exclusive fan-editions – as does Diane von Furstenberg with Facebook exclusive wraps) – from its Facebook page to groom young Facebookers, some of whom they hope will grow up to become Oscar de la Renta cocktail dress divas.



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