Domino’s Pizza Australia is creating the world’s first “Social Pizza.”

Starting today, March 19, and continuing for the next seven days, Domino’s Pizza Australia is letting its 489,000 Facebook fans decide what its next pizza should be. On successive days fans will be able to vote for their favorite crust, sauce and toppings, with the most popular selection from each day added to the pizza.

Facebook fans will decide on everything about the pizza and the final product will be featured on Domino’s menu. Fans even have the chance to name the pizza with a competition that starts March 27. The winner will receive $1000.

Like so many other brands, Domino’s learned the effect social media can have on a company’s reputation the hard way when, in 2009, two employees pulled a nasty prank while making sandwiches, videotaped themselves doing it, then posted the video to YouTube. The video, which spread virally like wildfire, ended up badly damaging the company’s reputation and landing the two pranksters in jail.

Following the incident Domino’s took a very pro-active stance toward utilizing social media to repair its image. This campaign is the latest in a long line of efforts by the brand to engage fans and followers and put the negative stigma behind them.

“Eating pizza is inherently social, but what about creating one? I for one am curious to see what a pizza made by our Dominos fans looks like, a pizza made by the people, for the people,” says Matt Barnes, Interactive Director at BMF Sydney, the agency responsible for creating the campaign.

The campaign is brilliant. It’s designed to keep fans returning each day to vote and see the most popular choices. And, of course, who wouldn’t want to try the pizza once its available. Kudos to Domino’s for giving its fans an opportunity to collectively create its next pizza. Let’s just hope the thing tastes good!

Domino's Pizza Australia Social Pizza

Domino's Pizza Australia Social Pizza day one - select crust