Here’s an evolving directory of major brands and retailers selling on Facebook curated from Social Commerce Today, our f-commerce FAQ, Steve Hall’s Facebook Store Finder and a recent post by Jake Hird over at eConsultancy.

Please submit any others you know of – particularly consumer brands, and we’ll update the list….

What’s interesting to note is that two different f-commerce strategies appear to be emerging – one for retailers (typically already with an e-commerce presence) and the other for brands (that typically sell through retailers and not direct) .

  • Retailer Strategy: Replicate full e-commerce store in Facebook
  • Brand Strategy: Offer brand fans get-it-first exclusives and fan merchandise

If you’re a reader of SCT, you’ll know which strategy we think has the brightest future – hint – offering friends, fans, and followers a privileged and personal point of purchase for those who connect with them on Facebook adds a new dimension to e-commerce…