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Check Your Digital IQ – 20 Things that Happened on the Internet 2013 – 20 Marketing Takeaways

What were the top 20 things that happened on the Internet in 2013 that will most impact your digital marketing strategy in 2014?

Test your digital IQ with this digital art puzzle #20things find 20 things that happened on the Internet 2013 hidden in this wondrous graphic from Barcelona-based artist brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro from Brosmind Studio and Syzygy digital marketing group.

The #20Things puzzle contains top online events, innovations and virals from 2013 –  each with implications for your digital marketing in 2014. Get stuck and clues are being provided over at Syzygy’s Twitter feed (@syzygyuk), as is news about how to win artwork T-shirts and posters.

And if you want the answers (released next week), we’ve put together a fun presentation for you that reveals the 20 Things along with top digital marketing takeaways for 2014.  Great for digital strategy planning (more fun that another yawn-tastic trends deck).

Just let us know if you want a copy the comments form below (your email address is not shown (hmm – is that a clue to one of the #20things? – a high profile privacy ‘thing’ …)!

FREE PRESENTATION DECK! (Released w/c 20 Jan)

“20 Things that Happened on the Internet 2013: 20 Takeaways for Marketers”

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