Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age


Interactive Cocktail Menu: Digital Point of Sale Tokyo-Style

Here’s a great digital innovation from Tokyo cocktail bar Logbar, a tablet-based interactive cocktail menu – browse, customise or even create your own cocktail (selecting glass, alcoholic ingredients, mixers and adornments)

40 Examples of Digital Brand Utility

There are just two basic strategies in digital innovation in marketing – ‘help me‘ or ‘entertain me‘. Unfortunately, most digital marketing still falls somewhere else entirely, into a futile ‘interrupt

Tile App: What Louis Vuitton Should Be Doing…

Hey Louis Vuitton! Forget Michelle Williams, the face that you’ve just paid big bucks to be the new face of your iconic luggage – take a look at Tile app instead. Sure,

How to Make ‘Thigh Advertising’ Campaigns Scalable

Okay, so ‘thigh advertising’ is the new news in the mad bad world of advertising (see video below).  Girls selling thigh space for $65 a day, in return for which

Vending Machine Wars: Pepsi Like Machine and Future of Sampling [Video]

Here’s a smart digital innovation from Pepsi (TBWA Belgium) that’s upped the ante in the ongoing Vending Machine Wars between Pepsi and Coke. Although Coke is currently ahead with 10M+ views on YouTube for

Digital Innovation Today – Social Commerce and Beyond

Social Commerce Today is rebranding today to reflect a broader focus on innovation in digital marketing. For three years, SCT has been flying the flag for a vision of social commerce

Speed Summary: FT 2013 Special Report on the Connected Business

Forget B2C, B2B or even P2P – the future is M2M – machine to machine communication. And forget virtual world vs. real world, in this M2M Internet of Things, the

Post-PC Era by the Numbers: List of Top Post-PC Stats

Here’s a list of key statistics on the Post-PC era, put them together in preparation for a keynote at SYZYGY‘s conference later this month on digital innovation.  In the spirit of sharing,

Your Facebook Likes Predict if You’re Gay (But Can They Predict What You’ll Buy?) [Download]

Your Facebook Likes can predict your sexual orientation with 88% accuracy . If you’ve Liked Desperate Housewives or Britney Spears, you’re more likely to be gay. On the other hand, Liking Shaq

Google Glass Translate Feature to Help Shoppers Shop Abroad (Video)

Here’s a great preview video, just released, and that’s trending right now of Google Glass showing more of its features: including the previously un-communicated ability to translate live. Shopping, in its most essential

Brilliant. Kellogg’s Opens Pay-with-a-Tweet Pop-up Shop in Soho [Photos]

We just love this – it’s social commerce for consumer brands done right. Kellogg’s has opened a ‘Tweet Shop’ to launch its latest Special K range of Cracker Crisps in

The Secret to Social Commerce is Social Utility [Presentation]

Here’s a short presentation on how to turn social media into social sales by offering social utility; helping people solve their problems socially and solve their social problems. Based on