Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age


#UberInsurance – This is what the future of insurance looks like [download]

Today, we’ve been speaking at the Accenture-sponsored FinTech Innovation and Disruption 2016 in London, presenting a disruptive UberInsurance concept based on the Uber model. You can checkout the presentation below (and download it

The Future of Digital Advertising – Uberfy or Die [Presentation Download]

Here’s a vision for the future of digital advertising that I presented yesterday at IAB Engage in London with SYZYGY Group’s media unit, Unique Digital. With 1000+ delegates, the theme of IAB’s signature

Uber – 41 Lessons from a $40bn Phenomenon [Wired Speed Summary]

Here’s a speed summary of the cover story of the June 2015 edition of Wired Magazine offering 40 lessons from big industry leaders – including Richard Branson, Clayton Christensen, and Rachel Botsman – on what businesses can

Ubernomics – Harsh Economic Lessons from Uber-for-X #Fails

Why do Uber-for-X businesses fail?  Here’s a summary of the top reasons for failure identified by Juggernaut, a platform and consultancy for Uber-for-X businesses. Beyond Juggernaut’s top reasons for failure, it’s

Uber chairman reveals ‘Operator’ – Siri for Shopping [screenshots]

Uber co-founder and chairman Garrett Camp has revealed his Next Big Thing, an Uber-for-stuff ‘request network’ that works like a Siri for shopping. Operator is a software-with-a-service app, like the experimental Magic service, that connects

Amazon launches Uber for Groceries and Uber for Home Services [Screenshots]

Another land grab in ‘Now Economy’ and the world of ‘convenience tech’, on-demand tech designed to save you hassle, time and effort. This week Amazon is launching two ‘Uber for

The Magical Psychology of the ‘Uber for X’ Economy

Mashable calls ‘Magic‘ the logical extreme of the ‘Uber for X’ economy.  Magic is an on-demand mobile service where you simply text whatever you want – yes whatever you want –

More Convenience Tech – $1.7m Funding for Uber-for-massage Soothe

Another $1.7m funding for ‘convenience tech‘ as the digital industry rolls with the realisation that we only live for a few hundred months, so saving you time is saving you the most precious commodity

Apple Watch Confirms “Convenience Tech” as the Next Big Thing [Images]

So the new black in digital is ‘convenience tech‘, and the new Apple Watch is looking to become a poster-child in convenience tech for today’s ‘convenience economy’. It’s far more convenient to

The Uberfication of Retail: Thomas Pink 90 Minute Shirt Delivery

Whilst Uber, the disruptive on-demand mobile taxi service, gets bounced from court to court in Germany – today it’s been banned again, before undoubtedly being unbanned, again – the rest

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory of Uber-inspired Businesses

Uber, the on-demand ‘driver for hire’ mobile service (ODMS) has become the poster-child for digital disruption and ‘convenience tech’. Uber, bank rolled by Google, is disrupting (destroying) traditional taxi services by delivering more

Uberfy or Get Uberfied! The Psychology of Digital Disruption

Every marketer should take a long hard look at what Uber is doing to the legacy taxi industry. Why? Because Uber teaches marketers is that digital disruption is not really about technology