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Periodic Table of Content Marketing (high resolution)

At first glance, this ‘periodic table of content marketing‘ from Chris Lake at econsultancy looks like yet more content marketing nonsense.  Any approach with more than 130 moving parts is

Speed Summary – Brand Heritage is Dead, Long Live ‘Heritage Heresy’

Latest report from consumer trend specialists Trendwatching on ‘Heritage Heresy‘ – the rising numbers of consumers who embrace brands that play with, subvert and even explode their own heritage… Moet

Native Advertising: Not Evil, Just Dumb

There’s a great article on native advertising in the Guardian today (thanks Dom Waghorn) by ad thought leader Bob Garfield. The gist of the article is that although native advertising (aka sponsored content/advertorials/astroturfing) has been

The Demise of the Soap Opera: Lessons for Content Marketing

If content marketing is so great, how come brands don’t produce soap operas anymore? Soap operas are still immensely popular, and brands have heritage in producing soap operas – indeed

The 20 Rules of Epic Content Marketing [Summary + Download]

Content marketing is the process of delivering brand value to an audience by publishing branded content designed to help or entertain in order to earn attention rather than pay for

The Future of Content Marketing for Consumer Brands: Round up of Top 20 Predictions

Straddling the New Year we’ve seen a slew of articles on what the future of content marketing holds for us – 2014: The year content marketing finally grows up?, The Future of

Content Marketing: Beyond Vanity Publishing

Most content marketing is vanity publishing, and content marketing agencies are the new vanity press. Vanity publishing is publishing where the publisher pays, not the audience – and where the

Top 25 B2C Content Marketing Techniques 2014

So here are the top (most popular) consumer content marketing techniques used, according to the useful 2014 State of the [Content Marketing] Nation presentation from Content Marketing Institute: B2C Content Marketing

Towards a Better Definition of Content Marketing: The 5Ps

If the Selfie was the consumer buzzword of last year, then the marketing buzzword was ‘content marketing’. But a year after the hype peaked around this new spin on brand-as-publisher

Content Marketing is Dead: Mathematical Proof

Simple mathematics tells us that content marketing is dead. Why? Well given that the volume of content on the Web is growing exponentially, doubling every few months, the amount of

Check Your Digital IQ – 20 Things that Happened on the Internet 2013 – 20 Marketing Takeaways

What were the top 20 things that happened on the Internet in 2013 that will most impact your digital marketing strategy in 2014? Test your digital IQ with this digital

CES 2014: The Big 3 for Digital Marketing – Car, Smartphone and TV

For digital marketers, the annual CES Vegas tech fest is less about gadgets – like the onewheel motorised skateboard that’s wobbling between cool and cringing – and more about which