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‘Interface’ – digital buzzword 2017

We’re at unbound 2016 London – the big digital innovation festival – and people, including the British Royal Family (Prince Andrew – Duke of York) are buzzing about ‘interface’ being a big

Speed Summary: PSFK Future of Retail 2016 Report

Here’s a speed summary and embed of PSFK’s latest report on the Future of Retail 2016, with 10 practical recommendations (with examples) for designing a new shopper experience that will build

The ‘Unicorn 100’ Top 100 $1bn+ Startups 2015 (List and Characteristics)

What does a Unicorn look like in 2015? Below you’ll find the ‘Unicorn 100’ – a new list now over 100 ‘Unicorns’ have been spotted in the wild –  privately

Now That’s What I Call Content Marketing 2014 [Epic Content Marketing #Fails Infographic]

2014 was another wondrous year for Content Marketing – so here’s a selection of the finest examples of the year’s content marketing on Twitter in an infographic Now That’s What

Apple Watch Confirms “Convenience Tech” as the Next Big Thing [Images]

So the new black in digital is ‘convenience tech‘, and the new Apple Watch is looking to become a poster-child in convenience tech for today’s ‘convenience economy’. It’s far more convenient to

The Uberfication of Retail: Thomas Pink 90 Minute Shirt Delivery

Whilst Uber, the disruptive on-demand mobile taxi service, gets bounced from court to court in Germany – today it’s been banned again, before undoubtedly being unbanned, again – the rest

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory of Uber-inspired Businesses

Uber, the on-demand ‘driver for hire’ mobile service (ODMS) has become the poster-child for digital disruption and ‘convenience tech’. Uber, bank rolled by Google, is disrupting (destroying) traditional taxi services by delivering more

Top Innovations in Content Marketing [Presentation Download]

What do top fashion models – Gisele Bündchen, Candice Swanepoel, along with Naomi Watts and virtual icon Hatsune Miku have to do with content marketing?  Everything. Here’s a short deck

The ‘3 Seekers’ of Gen C – Entertainment, Connection and Information [Google Research]

Google has just published a report segmenting ‘Gen C’ (connected consumers) into three ‘seeker’ profiles based on their primary motivation for going online Entertainment seekers Connection seekers Information seekers Logically enough, Google suggests

Birchbox is Native Advertising on Steroids: Is this the Future of Content Marketing?

Birchbox, the popular beauty box subscription service, received a $60m cash injection this week valuing the subscription commerce startup at a cool $485m. Reporting 800,000 subscribers, and with estimated revenues

NYPD: How not to do content marketing

Today, the NYPD is reaping the rewards of outsourcing content production in it’s #myNYPD content marketing campaign to unpaid consumers. The good news is that campaign has become a huge

New-Look Twitter Pivots to Become Your Content Marketing Hub [Images]

Whilst the web is all of a twitter over the new Twitter Page design, features and functionality (and yes it does look like Facebook), if you step back from the