Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Speed Summaries

Speed Summary: Absolute Value – If you want loyalty, get a dog…

18 months ago, US retail giant Target stopped selling Amazon’s Kindle e-reader at its 1,800 stores. Why? Because Target was, to put it politely, immensely irritated with a new Amazon promotion

Speed Summary – Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect

Pain Killers for a Broken Heart Want to know how to make social media pay? The answer lies in the surprising insight that pain killers appear to work for broken hearts

Speed Summary: The Wired World in 2014 – Wired Magazine’s 52 Need-to-Know Trends

So here’s a speed summary of Wired magazine’s latest need-to-know tech trends for 2014: The Wired World in 2014 – just published in their must-read end-of-year special edition (in digital and dead-tree media versions). Okay so it’s a

Speed Summary: Cross Screen Engagement Report (Microsoft/Flamingo)

Speed summary of a useful research report from Microsoft (download) on our multi-screening digital lives; how we use second screens whilst watching TV – based on ethnographic research and a

Speed Summary: Capgemini Digital Shopper Relevancy Report

Capgemini, the consultancy flying the flag for digital transformation, has published a useful report, Digital Shopper Relevancy, on how digital technology is transforming the world of shopping (16,000 interviews, 16

Speed Summary: Digital Innovation and the Real Neuroscience of Creativity

Digital innovation needs creativity, right? Right. So digital innovation needs ‘right brain’ creative types (creative, passionate, sensual, tasteful, colorful, vivid, and poetic), right?  Wrong. You need creativity all right, but

Speed Summary: The Social Commerce Handbook – 20 Rules for Turning Social Media into Social Sales

Monetizing social media matters.  How can retailers, advertisers and tech companies turn social media into social sales? You could hire a head of social commerce, just as Twitter has done

Speed Summary: McKinsey’s 12 Disruptive Technologies Changing the World

Forget one hour photo processing, in the next decade you’ll be able to sequence your genome in one hour – for just $100. Here’s a speed summary of McKinsey’s latest 2013

Speed Summary: Media Meshing vs. Media Stacking (Ofcom Report 2013)

Do you media-mesh? Or do you media-stack?  Or both? Here’s a speed summary of the latest 436 page (!) Ofcom Communications Market Report 2013, a thorough analysis of UK media usage

Speed Summary: GigaOm Report “The Internet of Things: A Market Landscape”

Here’s a speed summary of GigaOM‘s latest report on $290bn Internet of Things (IoT) market, and the emerging digital innovation opportunities for the next generation Internet that connects not only pages, people

Speed Summary McKinsey – Six Digital Trends Transforming Your Business Today

McKinsey has released a report on the digital consumer, enumerating the six key mega-trends in consumer digital behavior, and the impact that they are having for brands and businesses. The report,

Speed Summary: FT 2013 Special Report on Digital and Social Media Marketing

Here’s a speed summary of the just-published Financial Times 2013 special report on Digital & Social Media Marketing (PDF (FT subscribers only)). It’s a long report, published in tandem with today’s FT