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Speed Summary: The Social Commerce Handbook – 20 Rules for Turning Social Media into Social Sales

Monetizing social media matters.  How can retailers, advertisers and tech companies turn social media into social sales? You could hire a head of social commerce, just as Twitter has done

There’s Margin in Meaning: Fab Scores $150m in Funding

Social commerce star “Fab” that pitches itself as “the world’s design store” offering flash-sales on design goods has just closed $150M in initial Series D financing from Tencent, with contributions from existing investors Atomico, Andreessen Horowitz, Itochu Technology Ventures, Menlo Ventures, RTP Capital, Pinnacle Ventures, Lars Hinrichs, and Docomo Capital.

The round is still open and CEO Jason Goldberg expects to raise further funds.  This takes funding to over $310 million since the site’s inception less than two years ago

Chirpify Makes Social Commerce Smoother by Removing PayPal road bump

Chirpify, the social commerce in-stream payments company, has announced that is cutting out the PayPal middleman (and associated charges) and enabling direct card transactions. Shoppers will now be able to

Toyota Car Configurator Goes Social (Video)

Toyota has demoed its upcoming new social car configurator at Google’s I/O conference.  Check out the video below. Built in collaboration with Google and Saatchi & Saatchi LA and Joystick Interactive, the new social

Why Jennifer Lopez’ new social commerce venture for Latinos is smart…

Jennifer Lopez is launching a new social commerce venture – Viva Movil – a new mobile service for US Latinos – with their $1.2 trillion spending power (16% of US population and set

If social commerce is a Unicorn, there are a lot of Unicorns in China

So social commerce is a unicorn, a beautiful but imaginary idea; or that’s the headline finding of a brilliant (free) report is just out by Monetate on social commerce – with

The Social Commerce Opportunity for Yahoo’s Tumblr – it’s called Etsy

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” is a truism that Yahoo! wants to monetize with its $1.1bn cash purchase of Tumblr blogging platform. With 108m bloggers

Warren Buffet “If you lose money for the firm I will be understanding. If you lose reputation I will be ruthless.” [Presentation]

Warren Buffet: “If you lose money for the firm I will be understanding. If you lose reputation I will be ruthless.” Why? Because, on a 10 point reputation scale, 1 point

World’s Third Largest Retailer, Tesco Launches New Social Commerce Wine Site

Tesco has launched a new social commerce site for wine, Tesco Wine Co-buys. Using Buyapowa social commerce software, consumers can club together to buy wine in bulk at discounted prices. What

Chief Dodo Ballmer: What Social Commerce Can Learn from Windows 8

Business books are already being updated, with the Coca-Cola ‘New Coke’ catastrophe being replaced with the newer story of Microsoft Windows 8.  The lesson is the same – too much

China Bets Big on Social Commerce: $586M investment in Twitter-style Commerce

It’s like Amazon buying a big stake in Twitter; Alibaba – the largest e-commerce player in China with $170bn in sales has just purchased 18% of of Weibo, the largest

How (Not) to #Fail at Social Media by Wieden + Kennedy

Check out this must-read deck on digital brand strategy from ad agency giant Wieden + Kennedy (198K views). It’s particularly relevant to social commerce because it tackles one of the