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Avinash Kaushik, intent marketing and the 4 timezones of right-time marketing

Last week I had the pleasure to present alongside the wonderful Avinash Kaushik (@avinash), a fellow fan of utility marketing (less shouting, more helping) and fellow detractor of ‘engagement’ (“engagement is not

How to Help Consumers “Value Maximise” in Supermarkets (new app idea)

We all want the best quality bang for our buck – it’s what consumer psychologists call “value maximisation“.  Value maximisation is arguably the most important, and most central concept to understanding

Amazon’s Dash WiFi ‘Shopping Wand’ is Death Blow to Zombie Retail [Video]

Making good on the retailing truism that “If it has a barcode, Amazon will kill you” Amazon has soft-launched a competition killer in the form of a new smart shopping

ESo: $5 Empty Seat Option from Airlines is Smart Brand Utility

The flight’s not full and you can pay a little extra for the seat next to you to be empty. Smart for airlines, smart for travellers.  Airlines that have signed

Luxury Brand Utility – Hermès: How to Tie a Silk Knot

Should luxury brands do brand utility?  Hermès thinks so. No longer do you have to watch Basic Instinct to know how to tie a Hermès silk scarf knot – there’s a

Video: Nissan’s new Nismo smartwatch is brilliant – but not for the reason you think

Brand Utility + Wearable Tech = Match Made in Heaven? Checkout the video below of Nissan’s new Nismo smartwatch unveiled for this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Mashable thinks the Nismo smartwatch is “pretty cool“.

Brand Utility – 20 More Examples

Of course, brands need to be useful – solve peoples problems – but should digital marketing be useful too?  We think so – we’re fans of branded utility – marketing designed