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The ‘Unicorn 100’ Top 100 $1bn+ Startups 2015 (List and Characteristics)

What does a Unicorn look like in 2015? Below you’ll find the ‘Unicorn 100’ – a new list now over 100 ‘Unicorns’ have been spotted in the wild –  privately

Top Innovations in Content Marketing [Presentation Download]

What do top fashion models – Gisele Bündchen, Candice Swanepoel, along with Naomi Watts and virtual icon Hatsune Miku have to do with content marketing?  Everything. Here’s a short deck

Selling Things, Use Celebrity; Selling Experiences, Use Customer Reviews [Study]

Content sells, but which type of online content sells best – celebrity content – such as celebrity endorsements, or customer consumer such as customer reviews? Both types of content have

Fast Facts: 2013 Consumer PC Sales Plummet 15%

Wakeup call for any consumer marketing laggards who have yet to switch to a post-PC digital strategy.  Consumer sales of PCs are set to fall by a precipitous 15% in

Fast Facts: Information Overload 2013

More is always better, right? Some fast facts on information overload for your delight and delectation, or for those suffering from IFS (information fatigue syndrome), another nail in your info-coffin….

Skinning the Social Media Cat in 26 Dimensions: The Conversation Prism 2013

Want a smart one-glance-and-you’re-done summary overview of the state of social media in 2013? Then check out the latest 2013 version (v 4.0) of Brian Solis‘ [updated] conversation prism (hi

“Clean” Editable List of Top Twitter Fails by Brands [Infographic]

We’ve had a number requests for a “clean” – expletive-free / management-friendly version of the Top Twitter #Fails infographic that we published on Friday. So here it is. A higher

Top Twitter #Fails from Brands in a Twitter Stream Infographic

Here’s an original fresh infographic of top Twitter #fails from consumer brands that we put together yesterday for a course on reputation management in social media. Our point was simple; there’s

Social Commerce Scandinavian Style: The Generous Pop-up Store [Images]

Here’s some sweet real-life inspiration for your social commerce strategy from Copenhagen. A one day pop-up chocolate shop from chocolatier, Anthon Berg, with a novel twist on social payments; The Generous Store