We’ve seen real life Facebook Likes (Coca-Cola, Diesel, Renault, Hyundai, Facebook) and Facebook-connected cameras in fitting rooms (Macy’s, Diesel), but now resorts and venues are rolling out Facebook connected cameras triggered by RFID sensors throughout their resorts. It’s a no-brainer for event marketing and conferences – and we think stores will be next.

In Ibiza, the Ushuaia Beach party hotel and club is equipping visitors with RFID bracelets and installing sensors throughout the venue (pool, bars, restaurants, etc) so that hedonistas can swipe their wristband to upload pictures, update status and check-in using Facebook Places.  In the US, the largest family water park chain in the US, Great Wolf resorts, is similarly deploying RFID bracelets, sensors and Facebook-connected cameras, so guests can post pictures to Facebook. Great Wolf resorts have been using RFID bracelets as door keys and payments since 2006, so connecting the bracelets up to Facebook-connected cameras with technology partner Fish Technologies is an iterative change.

For some, all this might seem a little Orwellian, but it’s just the beginning – once your mobile phone is chipped (NFC) and linked to your payment card – frictionless social commerce will become a reality, with consumers automatically social-casting their locations, transactions and interactions to whomever and whatever they choose (and some they don’t) – in return for utility and fun. Brave New World.