Generating recurring revenue, subscription-based e-commerce models are white hot right now, especially sampling boxes that help consumers discover new products. TechCrunch reports the launch of Blissmobox  and BabbaBox, subscription-based sample boxes to help consumers discover delicious organic food, and parents discover educational toys for children (thanks Liad from Shoply for the heads-up).  They’re BirchBox or BeachMint for ethical foodies and power parents.

An indication of just how hot the box biz is right now is the valuation of BeachMint – purveyors of fine subscription boxes for fashion jewellery and more – of $150m+.  For us, the obvious BIG opportunity is to add a social layer to the box business – by systematically including sharable samples and coupons in the box, adding some celebrity curation buzz, as well as engaging subscribers as online reviewers – with unboxing reviews generating points that can be redeemed for purchase.


Take a look at the burgeoning subscription box business – and ask yourself, could you box up your social business?