Yesterday, Dominos in Japan sold out of pizza, or rather pizza boxes.

Why?  Because a new ‘social’ promotion.  The new Dominos pizza box in Japan doubles up as a concert stage.  Point a smartphone at it, and one of Japan’s biggest stars Hatsune Miku plays a concert for you.  And here’s the social part – Miku’s songs were put together collaboratively by Dominos Pizza employees themselves – using vocaloid technology.  A great way to get a business behind a promotion.

Of course it helps that Miku, tipped to become the next Lady Gaga and with sell-out gigs across the globe, isn’t human but virtual anime idol that lives in holograph form. But the idea is great – use technology to add a digital layer to your value proposition and build that layer collaboratively – with customers, employees or investors.  Smart digital innovation. Kudos Dominos