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ClickZ Jumps on Psychology of Social Commerce Bandwagon

It appears Brian Solis’ Fast Company post about the Psychology of Social Commerce is getting big play, so much so that interactive marketing news site ClickZ is jumping on the

Speed Summary: The 6 Pillars Of Social Commerce; Understanding the Psychology of Engagement

In a post today at Fast Company, well-known PR blogger and social media analyst Brian Solis shares his views on what have been referred to as the “Six Pillars of

Domino’s Pizza Australia Facebook Fans Make World’s First ‘Social Pizza’

Domino’s Pizza Australia is creating the world’s first “Social Pizza.” Starting today, March 19, and continuing for the next seven days, Domino’s Pizza Australia is letting its 489,000 Facebook fans

Media Companies Find Interest in Pinterest; Implications for Retail Brands [screenshots]

Pinterest, the new social media darling, has gotten the attention of media brands like Martha Stewart, Cooking Light, Home & Garden, Elle Décor, House Beautiful and Country Living. This interest is

AMEX Cardholders Pimp Deals for Discounts on Twitter

I’ve never been a fan of Twitter users pimping for brands via sponsored tweets, especially when that relationship isn’t disclosed. But that’s what American Express cardholders can do now, thanks

‘Tell Them’ Facebook App Let’s Fans Share ‘Hallmark Moments’ with Friends [screenshots]

Ever had a “Hallmark moment?” It’s a term that’s worked its way into pop-culture nomenclature to represent those times when you experience a serendipitous encounter or sappy emotional event. If so,

Consumers to Brands on Facebook: We Like You, We Like You Not

Consumers “like” the fact that brands have a presence on Facebook, but they “hate” intrusions into their news feed from them. That’s according to a new study by Insight Strategy

Best Western’s Facebook Booking App is Social Commerce 1.0

Hotel chain Best Western just announced the launch of a Facebook app that allows travelers to reserve a room via the social network. According to the PR contact, Best Western is

Zappos TweetWall Focuses on Real-Time Product Discovery

Discovery. That’s a big part of the role social commerce plays in the overall social media marketing meets sales mix. Every industry player I talk to – and I’ve talked

Zynga Moves Away From Facebook Playground, Creates It’s Own ‘Platform for Play’

I admit it. I don’t play social games, especially those found on Facebook. You know the ones I’m talking about, all the “Villes” – Cityville, Farmville, YoVille, etc. – all

Crowdtilt Depends on Friends to Raise Funds for Crawfish Boils, Baby Gifts and Even Trips to Outer Mongolia [screenshots]

Crowdtilt, a new crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter, is the “flash mob” of crowd-sourced funding. It brings together a group of friends who, in choreographed fashion, raise funds for a

Speck Launches F-Commerce Social Referral App; Every Touchpoint Becomes a ‘Shoppable’ Moment [screenshots]

Turn every consumer touchpoint into a “shoppable” moment. That’s the dream of digital marketing agency Resource Interactive, and this week the company came one step closer by making your Facebook