Here’s useful infographic refresher on the new page elements in the new Facebook business page timeline design, from social commerce app developer – Wishpond.

The infographic is actually part of Wishpond’s free new 25-page ebook “Social Success: The Ultimate Retailers Guide to Growing Your Business on Facebook“.

The ebook has a broader remit than social commerce apps (such as Wishpond’s Social Store and Social Offers) – covering general Facebook objectives, strategy, advertising and content for retailers – worth a read.

Our top takeaway – there four ways to measure social success

As you’d guess, we’re fans of those metrics than are measured in dollars – or have a clear dollar value, and like Martin Weigel from Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, we’re not at all keen on “engagement” as a measure; engagement is a vacuous, muddled and shallow concept that should be banned from the online sales and marketing lexicon.   Engagement is as useful to your business as a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys.  Avoid.