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Tuangou, Hot Social Commerce Trend from China: GroupBuy + FlashMob = Fun

It works like this.  You want to buy something from a local store – a car, a luxury fashion item, gadget or gizmo.  So you tap your social and local

If social commerce is a Unicorn, there are a lot of Unicorns in China

So social commerce is a unicorn, a beautiful but imaginary idea; or that’s the headline finding of a brilliant (free) report is just out by Monetate on social commerce – with

Pepsi’s Social Commerce: Selling in Social or Selling Socially?

Post your promotions and promoted products in social media? Check. Use social plugins on your online store?  Check. So you’re doing social commerce, selling with social technology? Don’t be too

Is social commerce worth the investment?

There’s a useful post over at econsultancy by Eric Abensur of cloud-based commerce company Venda, that asks a simple, but very pertinent question, is social commerce worth the investment? The

CEO Resignation Letter from Groupon’s Andrew Mason

The idea was good.  Take a proven social shopping model successful Asia, Tuangou, and adapt it for Western consumer. And for a while, the Groupon online spin on team-buying was

10 Ways The Insurance Industry Could Drive Sales with Social Media

The insurance market has been somewhat of a laggard in integrating social technology into its value proposition.  If the online advice is anything to go on, it seems to revolve

Social Commerce and Graph Search: Opportunity to Reinvent Group Buying

What does Facebook’s new “Graph Search” mean for social commerce, the integration of e-commerce with social media? Looking beyond the obvious – Facebook search ads linking to e-commerce sites (search

List of Notable Social Commerce Events in 2012; 6 Opportunities for 2013…

What are the opportunities in social commerce – the integration of e-commerce and social media – for 2013?  Beyond the straightforward addition of social features to e-commerce sites, and e-commerce

“Cash Mobbing”: New Social Commerce Trend

Have you done any “cash mobbing” lately? It sounds criminal, but it’s precisely the opposite. A cash mob is an event where people support a local retailer by gathering en masse

Co-Buying: The Infographic

Somebody is going to take a look at this video and make millions.  It’s a scene from a Chinese ‘Tuángòu‘ (team-buying) raid on a paint retailer.  The concept is super-simple – a

Play-off Time for Group-Buy: Google Offers $10 Starbucks Voucher for $5 [Screenshots]

If you want to succeed in social commerce either as a vendor or service provider, you’ll need a competitive ‘positioning’ – a ‘reason to choose’ over Amazon, Google and Facebook… Take the group-buy

Speed Summary | The Truth About What Customers Really Want

So here’s a distillation of the entire field of customer psychology into 50 actionable insights from Dr Michael Solomon, eminent consumer psychologist and author the leading textbook on the subject; Consumer Behaviour: