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Black Friday Blues May Be Due to Showrooming ‘Scrooge Shopper’


When Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” in 1843, he was driven as much by financial desperation as inspiration. Dickens wrote and published the classic tale to pay off crippling debt, says a article. But, thanks to a few ghosts from his past, even Scrooge changed his miserly behavior and experienced the joy of Christmas gift giving. A new holiday trends shopping report...

Shopkick ‘Kicks’ Showrooming Effect in the Teeth; Drives $110 Million in Revenue to Retail Partners


Shopkick partners can breathe a sigh of relief in the wake of all of the talk about losing in-store customers to “showrooming,’ as it’s been deemed. The mobile shopping app drove more than $110 million worth of in-store revenue for its partner retailers in 2011, which was the first full year it was in operation. Currently, Shopkick works with 11 national retail brands in the US...

How to Profit from New ‘Showrooming’ Shopper Trend


Are you into ‘showrooming’?  Well, your customers probably are. ‘To showroom’ means to visit a store – online or offline – for research purposes only, and then purchase elsewhere, wherever the best value can be found – increasingly via shopping apps such as Ebay’s RedLaser and Price Check by Amazon.  It’s a trend we think you’ll see a...

The Uberfication of Retail: Thomas Pink 90 Minute Shirt Delivery


Whilst Uber, the disruptive on-demand mobile taxi service, gets bounced from court to court in Germany – today it’s been banned again, before undoubtedly being unbanned, again – the rest of the world is progressing quite nicely with Uberfication (transforming the web into on-demand mobile services). Take for example Thomas Pink, the popular London shirt tailor and retailer...

Speed Summary: The Wired World in 2014 – Wired Magazine’s 52 Need-to-Know Trends


So here’s a speed summary of Wired magazine’s latest need-to-know tech trends for 2014: The Wired World in 2014 – just published in their must-read end-of-year special edition (in digital and dead-tree media versions). Okay so it’s a little heavy on tech utopianism, but essential reading nonetheless for keeping up with the Zeitgeist and for future-proofing your business...

10 New Digital POS Innovations to Save the Retail Store


“If it has a Product Code, Amazon will kill you”. True for small online stores, and even more true for in-store retail? Well in-store retail is fighting back – fighting digital fire with digital fire – using digital POS (point of sale) technology to… Turn legacy in-store commerce into ‘destination commerce’ experiences worth visiting and… Transform...

Five Holiday Shopper Archetypes and How to Reach Them [infographic]


Cyber Monday is upon us and, according to the infographic (see below) from marketing company Maxymiser, it has overtaken Black Friday in the total number of shoppers: 122.9 million versus 88.8 million. And the #1 reason? People know they call the shots! With millions of holiday shoppers going online, the best ways to reach start by understanding shopping behavior, which Maxymiser says can be...

Retailers Rely on Mobile Technologies to Drive In-store Traffic This Holiday Season


With the holiday season looming, retailers are finding new and interesting ways to lure shoppers into stores. The use of geo-location-based technologies that offer loyalty points, deals and coupons have become just the bait merchants hope will convince shoppers to forsake the convenience of online shopping and venture into crowded stores and shopping malls. According to a recent PriceGrabber...

Retailers Guide to SoLoMo [infographic]


Smartphone SoLoMo (social-locationaware-mobile) technology is disrupting retail by giving shoppers information and options on the go, transforming shoppers into  smart shoppers. One symptom of this disruption is – if course – “showrooming”; the use of physical stores as showrooms to research, view, touch and try, but then buy wherever the best value can be found (usually...

The Future of Retail – According to Shoppers [Infographic and Report]


Based on Cap Gemini’s recent global report on the future of retail (free download), local shopping search engine Milo has produced an infographic on how consumers see the future of retail. Putting aside the whole mis-attributed H. Ford quote thing (“If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse”), it’s interesting that consumers...

Speed Summary: The Future of Retail – PSFK Report [Download]


Establishing itself as the Bible of Retail Trends, PSFK has released its third annual survey of retail innovation – The Future of Retail – crammed with insights and inspiration. As you’d guess, mobile and social technology figure prominently, as do responses to the disruptive trend of ‘showrooming‘ and retail’s perennial sword of Damocles – otherwise...

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