There’s an interesting post over at Jeremy Dean’s most brilliant PsyBlog that offers five useful psychologically informed conversion tricks. As it happens the article is written to help consumers stop making snap buy decisions that may not be in their long-term interests, but simply reverse engineer the conversion barriers to drive conversion. Ethical-bypass is optional – but here they are presented as conversion tricks as opposed to conversion barriers;

  1. Encourage snap decisions by offering something unexpected just before purchase to upset any carefully thought through plans, it’ll turn “I shouldn’t” into “I want”.
  2. Suggest dissimilar alternatives with one being a far inferior option or don’t show alternatives at all – similar alternatives are the path prevarication and and abandonment.
  3. Make it a time-limited offer – this is a killer, make it a now or never offer and see logic fly out of the window and spur of the moment decisions take over
  4. Break the buy decision down into bite-size chunks – get them hooked with an easy foot in the door purchase that spread the pains or allows you to up-sell
  5. Use instant gratification to offset any pre-commitments to long-term interests that may get in the way of the sale.

More details over at PsyBlog