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Speed Summary: eMarketer Report on Facebook Commerce


Helping customers buy where they connect is one side of the social commerce equation. eMarketer has just released a report – Facebook Commerce: Reaching Shoppers Where They Socialize – that addresses questions every marketer should be asking when it comes to using the social network as a commerce tool: What potential does Facebook commerce hold? Who do online shoppers engage with...

The Sense in the (Anti) F-Commerce Rant


So we think f-commerce (e-commerce with Facebook) is a really good idea when you use Facebook as an e-commerce-enabled fan management platform designed to drive fan loyalty and activate fan advocacy through fan-firsts, fan-exclusives and fan-merchandise sold in a Facebook fan-store. But not everyone agrees that f-commerce is a good idea.  Put your profanity filters on and head over to the smart...

Fast Food Customers Receive Facebook Credits Thanks to Plink Loyalty Program


What do Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-Eleven. Quiznos and Red Robin have in common? Aside from serving up food items that may expand your waistline, they now offer virtual currency in the form of Facebook Credits just for making a purchase. This new customer rewards program is the brainchild of startup company Plink, which, according to the website, is the “first-ever Facebook Credits...

Selling with Social Media: Three Critical Success Factors


If you’re selling with social media, you need to stand out from the fast-paced conversational crowd and clutter and make an impression.  There’s a useful article over at the Harvard Business Review, that offers three useful pointers for doing just that – how to make a good impression fast, using from best practise in the ad industry (using the Blink technique from Malcolm...

Speed Summary: Forbes Six Pillars of Social Commerce


Over at Forbes, Fred Cavazza has proposed six pillars of social commerce (pragmatically defined as maximising sales through social media), that help take people through the three-step path to action: WHAT? SO WHAT? WHAT NOW? Here they are in brief; Visibility use social media to extend the reach of your offers (Blendtec and Old Spice) Reputation use social media enhance brand image (Saddleback...

Super Bowl XLVI Gets Its Game On with First-Ever Social Media Command Center [screenshots]


Super Bowl XLVI is getting its social media game on. The largest annual sporting event in the world has introduced a new way to service fans – via its first-ever social media command center. The command center is staffed by a team of 50 people who are monitoring more than 300 keywords. According to Taulbee Jackson, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based digital media agency Raidious, which...

The rise of the ‘Social Infomediary’; Pinterest Driving More E-commerce Traffic than Google Plus [Infographic]


Social pin-boarding phenomenon ‘Pinterest‘ is driving more traffic to US e-commerce sites than Google+ according to Experian Hitwise data in a new infographic from Monetate.  And e-commerce traffic from the pin-boarding app for collecting and sharing images around themes and personal interests [pinterests] is growing fast; up 389% to apparel retailers July-December 2011.  Overall...

Shopkick ‘Kicks’ Showrooming Effect in the Teeth; Drives $110 Million in Revenue to Retail Partners


Shopkick partners can breathe a sigh of relief in the wake of all of the talk about losing in-store customers to “showrooming,’ as it’s been deemed. The mobile shopping app drove more than $110 million worth of in-store revenue for its partner retailers in 2011, which was the first full year it was in operation. Currently, Shopkick works with 11 national retail brands in the US...

Unilever Turns to Pop-up F-Commerce for Brand Launches & Brand Building [screenshots]


Why set up shop on Facebook?  To sell more product?  Nope. To build your brand. Yep. That’s the approach that CPG giant Unilever is taking to launch a brand extension to its billion-dollar mega-brand Axe (‘Lynx’ in the UK) in the UK, ‘Lynx Attract for Her’.  A first 100 cans of the hither-to men-only brand went on sale to the brands 700K+ fans on a pop-up Facebook...

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