Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

February 2012

Facebook and Flash Sales Tips from ShopIgniter [infographic]

Facebook brand pages are emerging as an ideal platform for executing flash sales around products. In a recent study published jointly by the CMO Council. 79% of consumers say they are

Domino’s Trials F-Commerce in UK with New Product Launch

Last Monday we noted that the popular household cleanser in the UK, Cillit Bang, had launched a Facebook exclusive pop-up store to offer its new multi-use version in advance of

Social Commerce Site Lockerz Is Pinterest with Pointz

Everyone in social media circles is salivating over Pinterest, or so it seems. Social commerce site Lockerz recently unveiled its own version of Pinterest, but with a spin – users

Angry Birds Launches on Facebook – Comes with Social Commerce Component [screenshots]

I play Angry Birds on my mobile device. At least I did until my 11 year old grandson outscored me so badly I was shamed into quitting. Now that the Attributes Phenomenal Growth Spurt to Product, Social Media and Advertising

When you think of up-and-coming social commerce sites, Pinterest may top the leaderboard, but the fast-paced growth of means that it should not be far behind. The site, which

Forget Social TV, Social Movies is Making Waves [Screenshots]

Whilst people are talking about how “Social TV” – TV technology that supports social interaction – will be the Next Big Thing (“Everyone says that social television will be big.

E-commerce Apps on Facebook can boost sales by 15%

Adding an e-commerce app to your Facebook page can boost sales by 15%. That’s the key takeout of an analysis of 2000 vendors using the popular e-commerce app Ecwid on Facebook (from

Speed Summary: F-Commerce Selling on Facebook Whitepaper

Why have leading consumer brands started selling on Facebook? The results of an 18-month study on the emerging trend of ‘f-commerce’ conducted by SCT editor Dr. Paul Marsden tells the

Nuclear Waste Cleaner Goes on Sale on Facebook [Screenshots]

How do you clean up a plutonium stain? Well, according to the Nuclear Decomissioning Authority Team in the UK use Cillit Bang (the popular household cleaner from consumer products manufacturer

Will Facebook’s Real Business Model Please Stand Up

On the surface, Facebook’s business model appears to be very straightforward – get people to share information about their lives and wrap relevant advertising around it. As it turns out,

Speed Summary: The Science of Persuasion

One of the most popular posts here at SCT deals with the psychology of social shopping. In it, Dr. Paul Marsden, Editor of Social Commerce Today, references six heuristics (mental

R.E.A.D.Y for Popup Shops?

So, we think the best model for e-commerce in social media is the popup shop – temporary single-page stores in social media that are designed to create buzz around new