Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

January 2012

Brands Beginning to Use Bulletin-board Site Pinterest [screenshots]

I hate articles that begin with some reference to “living under a rock.” That was the case with an AdAge piece talking about Pinterest, the online bulletin board where users

Bad Reviews Good for Business [White Paper Download]

Social commerce software company Reevoo have just published some interesting research that looks more closely at the counter-intuitive finding that negative consumer product reviews can actually boost sales. It would

E-commerce: Outbound is Out, Inbound is In Says Hubspot [infographic]

Online marketing software platform provider Hubpost has practically trademarked the use of the term “inbound marketing,” and that applies to e-commerce as well, says a blog post on the company website.

Speed Summary: The Ultimate Question 2.0 [Chapter Summary Part 2 of 2]

Here’s the second half of our speed summary of Fred Reichheld‘s business bestseller The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World, written with Rob Markey – partner at global consultancy Bain

Speed Summary: Four Marketers Getting It Right (and Wrong) on Facebook [screenshots]

Facebook is the darling of the social commerce world and, perhaps, for good reason. With the exception of Google, the social network gets more traffic than just about any other

Welcome to Walmart, Enjoy Your Mobile Commerce Shopping

Anyone who is has traversed the entrance to any Walmart across the globe has been greeted with this familiar refrain: “Welcome to Walmart. Enjoy your shopping.” Based on its latest

Speed Summary: The Ultimate Question 2.0 [Chapter Summary Part 1 of 2]

If the key role of social media in your business is to help you thrive in a customer-driven world, then there’s one business book that stands head and shoulders above

Innovation Key to Future of Online Retail; Interview with One Kings Lane CEO, Doug Mack

Flash sales is a hot topic we cover routinely here at Social Commerce Today. Recently, interviewed Doug Mack, CEO of One Kings Lane, a flash sales site that sells

How to Profit from New ‘Showrooming’ Shopper Trend

Are you into ‘showrooming’?  Well, your customers probably are. ‘To showroom’ means to visit a store – online or offline – for research purposes only, and then purchase elsewhere, wherever

Airlines Use Social Commerce to Promote Social Seating [infographic]

Perhaps you are familiar with Delta Airlines Ticket Counter Facebook app, which allows passengers to book flights from within the social network. But, if you’re like me, it can sometimes

Study Says: Prospects for Google’s G-Commerce Brighter than F-Commerce?

If 2011 saw the rise of f-commerce – Facebook shopping, will 2012 see the rise of g-commerce – shopping with Google? Two new studies find that consumers and retailers alike

Amazon, Walmart in Acquisition Mode to Advance Social-Mobile Commerce Agenda

In the last few weeks, news has come across the web that retail giants Amazon and Walmart have acquired several start-up companies with a view toward taking full advantage of