Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

December 2011

Top Ten Social Commerce Infographics for 2011

Rounding out our list of top 10’s for the year is this post that contains the most viewed social commerce infographics for 2011 based on page views. We like using

Top Ten Social Commerce Posts During 2011

The following is a list of the top ten most read social commerce posts during 2011 based on number of page views. To say this year has been a good

BBC News report on F-Commerce Showcasing Heinz

Here’s a short BBC video news report on f-commerce, showcasing the Heinz fan-store selling personalised Get Well soup. As Robin Grant, global managing director from the agency We Are Social behind

Social Commerce Overhyped; Financial Times Thinks So

A recent article from Financial Times (registration required) questions the ballyhoo over social commerce, especially as it pertains to Facebook. The article calls the social network a disappointment, at least where

Sears Shutters Stores; Mobile and Social Influence Partially to Blame

Sears announced that it will close between 100 and 120 Sears and K-Mart stores due to lackluster holiday sales figures. One culprit being blamed is e-commerce. Two others are mobile

Speed Summary: Financial Times – No Financial Sense in F-Commerce

It’s always worth listening when the Financial Times weighs in on a debate, and this week has seen two articles (here and here) questioning the value and prospects of f-commerce

Oscar de la Renta Opens Second F-Commerce Store to Sell Exclusive Bangles [screenshots]

If one was good, then two should be better. Perhaps that’s the thinking behind fashion retailer Oscar de la Renta’s decision to launch its second f-commerce store to sell four

Consumers, Marketers Differ on Reasons for Facebook Like; Brands are ‘Missing the Boat’ Study Says

For consumers, Facebook’s Like button is a pathway to getting discounts, promotions and special offers. Marketers have a more narcissistic view, according to a new study. To paraphrase actor Sally

Disney’s ‘App-Thinking’ Approach to Facebook Commerce [Screenshots]

18 months ago Disney opened up an innovative group ticketing app in Facebook with Fandango online movie ticketing, to help movie fans buy ‘Tickets Together’ (the name of the app) for the latest

This Holiday’s 10 Most Influential Retailers Based on Klout Score [infographic]

Klout, which bills itself as the “standard for influence,” just released a list of the season’s 10 most influential retailers based on their Klout score. Topping the list is Amazon, followed

Café Rouge, Strada Depend on UGC to Drive Footfall to Restaurants

Incentives have always been a marketing scheme designed to attract customers and build long-term value. UK-based holding company, Tragus Group, the owner of restaurant brands like Strada, Bella Italia and

What’s Your Brand Value? Facebook Knows Says Booz&Co.

Measuring brand value has always been something of a dark art, says a Booz&Co article. Now, there is a new, easy way to make that determination using an unlikely source,