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Running Your Group-Buy Event: 76 Practical Tips from Industry Pros


As part of a series on the group-buy social commerce trend, here are the top 76 tips from the industry pros. Keep us posted on which of this tips you find most useful for your own use. And, if we missed a tip or two that work for you, let us know too. Local Offer Network (LON) State of the Group-Buy Nation: Healthy Stats/Report (March 2011) 1) Research, know and understand the top categories for...

F-Commerce Finds its Groove with Oscar de la Renta (screenshots)


So how do you sell on Facebook?  Well if you’re in the beauty industry, a simple two-step formula is emerging.  First, run a Facebook sampling campaign at launch, and then sell exclusive fan-editions via a pop-up fan-store.  Step one activates fan advocacy, step two boosts and converts the advocacy. f-commerce formula = Facebook Fan-Sampling + Facebook Pop-Up Fan Store This emerging...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: LivingSocial – It’s Not Just a Deal, It’s an Adventure


In the daily coupon deal market, LivingSocial is to Groupon what Pepsi is to Coke, running in second place. That’s not to suggest Living Social is an also ran by any means. In fact, the company has sought to differentiate itself from Groupon in a number of ways: Reaching into smaller markets not served by Groupon; Emphasis on travel with its Escapes program; Similar emphasis on families...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Groupon – Lucrative or Loss-Leader?


According to Wikipedia, Groupon – a portmanteau derived from “group coupon” – is a daily deal website that features heavily discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. The principle is simple, retailers sell in bulk to customers who club together to get wholesale prices (aka group-buy) and the business exchanges margin for volume. Deals can be...

Speed Summary | Gaining the single customer view in a multi-channel world


Here’s a whitepaper from Paul Bidder of social commerce platform Colony Commerce that caught our eye – on the potential role of social commerce in a multi-channel world.  In a nutshell, the paper sells the idea of a “single customer view” across channels, offering a unified customer experience – wherever customers choose to shop, powered, in part, by the portable...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Usablenet – Social, Mobile and More


Usablenet is a leading mobile and multi-channel platform company that serves 25% of Fortune 1000 companies including FedEx, British Airways, Delta, Marriott, Walgreens, Tesco and PacSun. Overall, the company claims more than 300 clients in its roster. The company provides far more than social commerce technology. It ensures that clients’ websites are usable (hence the name) and functional on all...

How to Calculate Fan Value: Fan Economics 101


We’ve all seen them, and many loathe them – Apple fan-boys. Those white-earphoned iClones. But did you know that each Apple fan is worth about 70% more to One Infinite Loop than a regular Apple customer? Each fan generates, on average, .82 of a new customer in a year via fan-advocacy; 17% of new Apple adopters cite personal recommendations as the principle reason for adoption. That...

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