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UK Cinema Chain Odeon to Launch Fully Transactional F-Commerce Ticket Purchase App


The UK’s largest cinema chain, Odeon, has made its move into f-commerce by launching a fully-transactional Facebook app, its first, that enables movie goers to book tickets without leaving the social network, says Marketing Magazine’s Sarah Shearman. The app – labeled the Odeon Event Organiser – is scheduled to be unveiled later this week. Through it, users can choose...

Martha Stewart Teams with Social Commerce Startup OpenSky to Share Personal Favorites [screenshots]


Martha Stewart* is in a new relationship, not with a “significant other,” but with social commerce startup The reason? To share products she has hand-selected as her personal favorites and to provide guidance in their use. “Here at OpenSky, I want to inspire you to try new cooking, crafting and entertaining ideas. I’ll share some of my most trusted tools...

F-Commerce Industry Directory Goes Live


So the f-commerce industry directory listing software and solution providers for deploying e-commerce on and with Facebook is now live.  The purpose of the industry directory is to offer brands, retailers and other businesses a central repository of suppliers in the Facebook commerce space. If you don’t know your 8thBridge from your Ecwid, your Moontoast from your Milyoni, ShopVisible from...

Techcrunch – Social Media and Cyber Monday Share Similar Growth Curve [infographic]


Since its founding in 2005, Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Similarly, since its opening to the public in 2006, Facebook has seen enormous growth. In a post at Techcrnch, Scott Silverman, one of the Cyber Monday founders, suggests there is a definite correlation between the two. In fact, says Silverman, Cyber Monday’s growth mirrors that of Facebook...

Speed Summary: Mashable’s 8 Need-to-Know Digital Trends for 2012 – 8 Opportunities for Social Commerce


So it’s that post-turkey/thanksgiving time again when we’re not only digesting birds but also pundit predictions on what the coming year will hold for us in terms of digital trends.  This year Mashable’s CEO Pete Cashmore kicked off the prediction season early with 8 need-to-know digital media trends, and 3 ‘megatrends’ for 2012 in a half-hour video. So here’s...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Buddy Media – Big Brands’ Friend in Social Media


Every brand needs a buddy in social media. At least that’s what social commerce platform provider Buddy Media thinks. Founded in 2007, the company has developed a suite of products that enable brands to leverage social media – Facebook in particular – to take advantage of its social graph to spread their message. Put another way, the company’s mission is to “re...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Venpop – Straightforward Social Commerce, Pure and Simple


Visit the Venpop website and it’s readily apparent the company’s interest lies solely with social commerce, and its approach to the sector is very straightforward. Marketing managers can sign-up, complete the Venpop set-up wizard, and in a few clicks have everything set up to synchronize thousands of products across all social channels. Compared to the other social commerce platform...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Gigya – From Widgets to Complete Social Identity Management


Brands have awakened to the fact that social media engagement is no longer optional, but an essential part of how business is done today. Since its founding in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2006, the now Mountain View, CA-based company Gigya has been on the forefront of the shift from social media as an add-on via widgets and plugins for social registration and sharing to complete social identify...

Social Commerce: The Case for Free Shipping & Smart Timing [Infographics]


Here are a couple interesting infographics that can usefully inform your social commerce efforts. Top takeouts; free shipping is hygiene factor in social commerce – it’s the pay-to-play price you have to pay, and optimise the viral effect of social commerce by posting your sales-related status updates at midday. Other insights from the first columnfive infographic ‘Free...

Social Commerce Platform Overview: Bazaarvoice – the Voice of the Marketplace


A few years ago, my wife and I visited Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in New York City. Hundreds of people were milling about, multiple conversations among customers were taking place all around us, and prospective buyers were dickering over price with the dozens of vendors lined up in the marketplace. Needless to say, it was quite a different shopping experience than one would find in a...

Swedish-Style Social Commerce – Pop-up Shops for Blogs


Here’s a smart idea from Sweden.  Pop-up Shops for Blogs. To seed buzz and demand for the opening of a new online store, Swedish interior design retailer Lagerhaus (no they don’t sell lager) has implemented an interesting variation on the online pop-up fan-shop trend. Rather than take the traditional route of opening a temporary pop-up shop on their Facebook page, as Oscar La Renta...

Social Commerce Platform Review: Foursquare – Turning Check(in)s Into Cash


The concept of using a mobile phone to “check-in” to a business such as a store or restaurant to declare one’s location is foreign to many. But to the 10 million users of geo-location social network foursquare, such activity has become commonplace. By checking in via a smartphone app or SMS, foursquare users share their location with friends. Those who check in a certain number...

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