Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

September 2011

Magners Cider Launches Pop-Up Fan Store in Facebook (Screenshots)

Another f-commerce first, you can now buy alcoholic beverages directly on Facebook.  The popular cider brand Magners (owned by C&C Group) has set up a pop-up fan-store on Facebook to support the launch

New Social Commerce Infographics | SoLoMo Football and F-Commerce Grammar

Two new social commerce related infographics for you. The first, Football in a Social Local Mobile world from mobile gaming app Footballmeister, describing the rise of the SoLoMo super-fan in

What the New Open Graph Means For Retailers & Brands

“It’s the Semantic Web, Stupid” That’s what brands and retailers should make of Facebook’s new super-charged Open Graph that will seamlessly add user activity and intentions (‘using’, ‘searching’, ‘wanting’, ‘shopping’,

Speed Summary – The Future of Commerce | 36 Questions to Future-proof Your Digital Strategy [Download]

With 47,025 views on slideshare in under a week, Nurun’s social media director Greg Pouy is getting a lot of social media love for his most excellent Future of Commerce deck (embedded below).

Target Dresses Up for Halloween with Facebook App [Screenshots]

So Target, the #2 US retailer, has just launched a Facebook app that allows people to poll their friends and loved ones on which fancy dress costume they should don for

Learning from Forbes on F-Commerce for Hollywood: Five Key Questions

Interesting article in Forbes this week on F-Commerce for Hollywood – turning fans into customers.  It’s penned by John Corpus, CEO of Milyoni, the Californian Facebook commerce outfit that’s carving

Your Apps. Now with Friends. Facebook’s New Social Commerce Play

So Facebook went public yesterday with the new Open Graph that allows people to throw their friends into the sales funnel of brands they like through shared app activity. Think of it

Two New Social Commerce Reports and another $36M invested [Downloads]

So Top10, a London-based social discovery and recommendation engine based on shared top 10 lists, has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding led by Accel Partners.  Meanwhile on the other

5 Quick Conversion Tricks from Psychology

There’s an interesting post over at Jeremy Dean’s most brilliant PsyBlog that offers five useful psychologically informed conversion tricks. As it happens the article is written to help consumers stop

Speed Summary | Real-time Marketing and PR – 9 Practical Tips

Yesterday we summarised David Meerman Scott‘s excellent New Rules of Marketing and PR, and today, here’s a summary of David’s latest bestseller – Real-Time Marketing & PR How to Instantly

Speed Summary | The New Rules of Marketing and PR (New 3rd Edition)

The third revised edition of David Meerman Scott’s Business Week bestseller is out “The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs,

Subscription Commerce | The Infographic

It’s Friday, so it’s infographic time – and here’s a succinct infographic on the hot trend of subscription commerce clubs (#subcom), where brand or category fans can sign up to