Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

July 2011

The 8 Basics of Building Brands and Business with Facebook

Facebook has just launched its official Facebook for Business hub, consolidating and synthesising various previously existent pages and resources.  Under three themes, ‘Build a Presence’, ‘Engage Your Community’ and ‘Get the

Brave New World: Facebook Connected Cameras Break Out of the Fitting Room into Clubs and Resorts [Video]

We’ve seen real life Facebook Likes (Coca-Cola, Diesel, Renault, Hyundai, Facebook) and Facebook-connected cameras in fitting rooms (Macy’s, Diesel), but now resorts and venues are rolling out Facebook connected cameras

Group-Thinking, not Group-Think: 5 Social Commerce Tips from Pikaba

The innovative demand-led social shopping marketplace Pikaba has shared 5 simple and smart tips for profiting from social commerce – broadly defined as helping people connect where they buy, and

The Sharing Economy Gets a Poster Child Valued at $1.3bn

Here’s some more evidence that the sharing economy is becoming a significant trend in social commerce. AirBnB, the user-review-powered P2P marketplace that allows people to share their homes with travellers around

F-Commerce Solution Providers | Updated July 2011 Benchmarking from Ogilvy

The social@ogilvy team have posted (embedded below) an update to their original benchmarking of f-commerce (Facebook commerce) solution providers (8thBridge, Adregate Markets, Milyoni, Moontoast, NorthSocial, Payvment, ShopIgniter, Usablenet, Zibaba) as part

ING Bank runs Group-Buy Deal to Acquire New Customers [Screenshots]

So it looks like the financial services industry has got the social commerce bug.  Yesterday we covered Amex’s innovative open-graph powered Link-Like-Love rewards program that offers personalized rewards based on

Link-Like-Love | The Social Commerce Acid Test from Amex [ Video/Screenshots]

So here it is – the social commerce acid test.  Are people willing to share their social graph data with big brands in order to get personalized offers tailored to

The History of F-Commerce – PowerPoint Version

The good folks over at Social Media Intelligence have published a downloadable PowerPoint version of their popular ‘history of f-commerce’ infographic (the use of Facebook to facilitate and execute transactions).

Speed Summary | Economist Report on the Social Shopper [Stats]

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has just produced a new report on The social shopper: Harnessing the disruptive influence of social media. Download link here. The report, sponsored by SAP, is a

Selling into the Sharing Economy. The Next Big Trend in Social Commerce? [Infographics]

What’s next for social commerce? We’ve seen the rise of collective buying power with the group-buy trend, and we’ve seen the commercialisation of social networks – both selling on them,

History of F-Commerce: The Infographic

It’s perhaps a little early to be talking about the history of f-commerce, but with selling with Facebook the hottest discussion topic in social commerce right now, an infographic was

Facebook Likes – Why you should be liking customers, not the other way around

Brands chasing Facebook ‘Likes’ have got it all the wrong way around; they should be liking customers, not getting customers to like them. Why? Well, ask the most successful salesman