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Social Vending Machines and Cola-Roulette from Pepsi [Video]


Pepsi has banked big on social media, but until now social media has not banked much for Pepsi.  The Pepsi Refresh campaign, widely lauded by social media gurus as social media done right (all engagement and halo polishing – no selling), accompanied Pepsi’s fall from #2 to #3 in sales.  So Pepsi is trying a different tack; stripping out all that social engagement nonsense that gets in...

Survival of the Fittest: Groupon vs Facebook Deals vs Google Offers [Screenshots]


Life for Groupon, the online local advertising platform with a group-buy twist, just got a little more complicated.   Event marketers and local businesses looking to drive footfall can now choose to advertise online with a Groupon Deal, a Facebook Deal or a Google Offer.  And with Groupon’s main rival, LivingSocial flush with Woot! infused Amazon-backing – it’s looking like a...

The Fonz on Social Skis? Walmart’s $300m+ social commerce investment


So Walmart, the world’s largest retailer has decided to vote for social commerce with its wallet.  $300m for a social media startup to combine social media, shopping and mobile.  The startup in question, Kosmix (Wiki entry), is right now in the business of ‘taming social media overload’ by tracking, filtering and re-publishing quality social media content (RightHealth...

Keep Calling Groupon “Social Commerce”


Is Groupon “real” social commerce?  Yes, of course it’s a nonsense question, since “social commerce” is ultimately only a label for something that varies with the changing power relations of people choosing to define it, but it is a question that is exercising a number of minds – and wallets right now. Take venture capitalist Sarah Tavel with Bessemer Venture...

The Two Minute Social Commerce Pitch


How to sell social commerce – to clients or internally?  Social learning – learning from others – can help, which is why we track the sales pitches of social commerce vendors. Whilst we’ve not reviewed the new social commerce tool from Nurun, and so we can’t (and given our neutrality, wouldn’t) vouch for it, we do like how they are selling social commerce in...

Now you see it, now you don’t: Chanel’s pop-up f-store is gone in a Flash (Screenshots)


Pop-up retail has evolved from fad to enduring trend, temporary stores used to support a launch, event or campaign.  And Facebook is a great venue for pop-up retail – low set-up costs, word-of-mouth powered, and a captive audience. So early April Chanel pre-launched Rouge Coco Shine on Facebook via a pop-up f-store, giving Chanel’s Facebook fans the exclusive chance to be the first to...

The Future of Social Commerce: Give the “Interest Graph” a Whrrl


18 months ago, social commerce was no more than a twinkle in the eyes of many businesses, and whilst many still have yet to add a social layer to how they sell in order to improve customer experience, the Zeitgeist-surfing digirati are already asking what comes next.  Om Malik is the founder of the influential GigaOM Network and thinks that the “Interest Graph” is what comes next...

F-Commerce Lessons from Facebook’s Growing Movie Rental Library


So the embryonic and experimental Facebook movie rental service by Warner Bros now includes Batman: The Dark Knight, Harry Potter movies (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets), Inception, Yogi Bear and Life as We Know It. Fans can rent a film for 48 hours (alas not 488 hours as VentureBeat reports), paying with 30 Facebook Credits ($3), courtesy of Milyoni-powered software, and have full...

The f-commerce FAQ [Download] All you ever wanted to know about Facebook commerce but were afraid to ask


Well, here it is, the downloadable f-commerce FAQ – all you wanted to know about using Facebook as a platform for facilitating and executing sales transactions. We’ve distilled our analysis of f-commerce down to 15 key questions and answers, including 50 industry examples, proof-points, tips, and links. We hope you’ll find it useful. Let us know what you think! Read the f...

Brand Autism: Why Brands Still Don’t Get Social Media [Report]


Those who’ve heard us speak at conferences will know we use the concept of ‘brand autism’ to paint a picture of the inability of many brands and businesses to put themselves in their customers’ shoes (clinically, autism is precisely this inability to see the world from the other’s perspective, a compromised theory of mind) (of course brands are not literally...

Speed Summary | Social Commerce and the New Consumer (Mitch Joel) [Video]


Mitch Joel (Six Pixels of Separation, Twist Image), one of the key thought leaders in social commerce, has just shared a 50 minute video of his 2011 talk on Social Commerce and the Rise of the New Consumer (itself an evolving feast – see summary of 2010 version here) at the Radian6 Social 2011 conference (see video below). The big insight offered is that selling to the New Consumer...

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